Robeson Community College

Robeson Community College Grant Opportunities

The Professional Development Services Grant is administered by Robeson Community College and funded by The Robeson County Partnership for Children. The focus is on professional development to ensure early childhood professionals have the knowledge and skills to promote children’s development and learning. The grant provides services for early childhood professionals working in licensed child care facilities in Robeson County.

There are two components to this grant: CLASS/My Teaching Partner Coaching and Professional Development Technical Assistance. The Classroom Assessment Scoring System is a tool for observing and assessing the quality of the interactions among teachers and children in early childhood classrooms. My Teaching Partner is a yearlong, intensive one-on-one video coaching program in which teachers work together to observe, reflect upon, and improve effective classroom interactions using the CLASS tool.

The goals of this grant are to:
• Provide assistance to early childhood teachers who work directly with children and their families.
• Provide intensive one-on-one coaching to participating classroom teachers using the CLASS tool to help them engage in more effective interactions with children.
• Provide information, referrals, and resources for admission and transfer requirements to institutions of higher learning.

For additional information, please contact:

Angeline McGirt
Professional Development Coach
Office: Room 804F
(910) 272-3446

Kathy Carmical
Professional Development Coach
Office Room 804H
(910) 272-3444