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Fire and Rescue Education


All classes are designed to meet the requirements of the NC Fire and Rescue Commission for certification as a firefighter or technical rescuer.  The student must have a high school diploma or GED and must be 18 years of age in order to be certified by the State of North Carolina.  Classes are registered separately, so you may take one or more classes as needed. Students must attend 80% of scheduled class hours to test for certification. Testing includes a written test and hands on practical. Passing score of 70% for both is required. Students must complete a certification application to the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission to become certified as a firefighter or technical rescuer.  This one page document is available on the OSFM website or at the training center. It may be submitted by email, fax or the postal service.  It is the student’s responsibility to submit their request for certification.

Classes are held at the Emergency Services Training Center and at various fire and rescue departments in Robeson County. Please check the link for Robeson County Department classes for a listing of classes scheduled at various locations throughout the county.

All classes at the training center begin at 8 AM daily.  Note start times for various classes being conducted at local departments. Our address is 5825  South Roberts Avenue, Lumberton, NC, 28358. Our phone number is 910-272-3330.

You can call the training center or email or  to pre-register for fire or rescue classes. You can also pre-register for a class by using the pre-registration link. Be sure to indicate the class you are pre-registering for under class title.

 If the a class is cancelled or postponed, we make every attempt to notify the student.  Please be sure your contact information is correct when you pre-register.

Specialty classes fill up quickly, so please be sure you pre-register promptly. Some specialty classes may require an additional fee.

Note: Please wait at least 60 days after you have finished the class before inquiring about transcript additions. Actual test grades are transmitted to Raleigh each week. OSFM retrieves the testing information from the Community College’s portal (timeframe in which OSFM pulls this information is uncertain), and then, the record is entered onto the actual transcript by an OSFM representative. All in all, this process, according to OSFM can take 30- 90 days after you take the test; however, OSFM could have the information uploaded in as early as 30 days but they request that students be patient.  Once the 60-day limit has passed and your class is not listed on your transcript, contact us so that we can investigate if there is a problem.


Specialty Courses/Online Classes

Hazardous Materials Refresher and Blood Borne Pathogens Refresher is now available on line. Call the training center for further information. These courses renew every 45 days.


Ivey, Robert

Director of Fire and Rescue Training | Emergency Services  Training Center, Building – 16
Phone: (910) 272-3329

Burnette, Stephanie Danielle

Qualified Administrative Assistant | Emergency Services  Training Center, Building – 16

Phone: (910) 272-3330