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The Robeson Community College Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation which receives, holds, invests and disburses funds for the purpose of providing scholarships to students. The foundation was organized in 1985 as a 501(c) (3) Corporation, creating an opportunity for the community to invest in the future of the College and its students. All contributions are tax-deductible. The Foundation has a full-time staff and a board of directors committed to the educational mission of Robeson Community College North Carolina. 

The primary mission of the Robeson Community College Foundation is to provide educational opportunities through scholarships to students who might otherwise be unable to attend RCC.


  • Scholarships for Fall 2019 closed May 3, 2019, and will be graded by a committee and awarded prior to classes starting in August.

The RCC Foundation provides two types of scholarship assistance to students.

  • Endowed: Funded with earnings from endowments.

  • Annual: Funded with annual gifts from donors.

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It is your responsibility to make sure that your recommendation letter is uploaded into the online application. Your application will not be considered for a scholarship if you do not have at least one letter of recommendation. Do not wait until the deadline to complete your scholarship application to allow ample time for your references to complete and upload their letter of recommendation.

Faculty & Staff

Please complete the recommendation letters in a timely manner.

A-Z List

BB&T Endowed Scholarship
BB&T Finance Professionals Endowed Scholarship
BB&T Golf Tournament Scholarship
Bill & Mayme Tubbs Presidential Endowed Scholarship
Bill & Sue Wester Endowed Scholarship
Bruce Williams Endowed Scholarship
Bullard Restaurant Group-Drew & Clif Bullard Endowed Scholarship
Business & Accounting Faculty Annual Scholarship
Cakes & Pastries of Lumberton Golf Tournament Scholarship
Campbell Soup Supply Company Golf Tournament Scholarship
Clyde & Charlotte Sessoms Endowed Scholarship
Commissioner Jerry Stephens, Sr. EMS Endowed Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. A. J. Robinson Allied Health Endowed Scholarship
Dr. F.A. Berne/Lumberton Radiology Associates Annual Scholarship
Dr. J. Irvin & Anne Moss Biggs Endowed Scholarship
Dr. J. Irvin & Anne Moss Biggs Endowed Culinary Scholarship
Dr. J. Graham Pittman Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Mark O. Kinlaw Endowed Scholarship
Drs. Annette & Joseph Burke Endowed Scholarship
Dwight & Gail O. Gane/Kiwanis of Robeson-Lumberton Annual Scholarship
Earl & Joyce Antone Endowed Scholarship
Early Childhood Male Annual Scholarship
Edna Trinity Mazell Hunt Memorial Scholarship
Eliza & Fred G. Williams Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Eula Mae Harrell Endowed Scholarship
Evelyn M. Price Endowed Scholarship
Evelyn P. Warwick Endowed Scholarship
Florence G. Rogers Charitable Book Annual Scholarship
Florence G. Rogers Charitable Trust Annual Scholarship
Four Winds Heritage Group Golf Tournament Scholarship
Friends of the Arts Merit Scholarship
Gail O. Gane Respiratory Therapy Endowed Scholarship
Gary N. Powers Endowed Scholarship
Golden LivingCenters-Lumberton Nursing Annual Scholarship
Henry A. & Martha B. McKinnon Endowed Scholarship
Henry M. & Helen W. Callis Endowed Book Fund
I. Murchison Biggs Family Endowed Scholarship
Inquirers’ Club Annual Scholarship
James A. Comstock Annual Scholarship
James Turner BLET Annual Scholarship
James David McNair Minority Male Mentoring Achievement Program Annual Scholarship
James B. & Evelyn Johnson Kirkland Early Childhood Endowed Scholarship
Jeremiah M. Goodson, Jr. Memorial BLET Training Annual Scholarship
Jeremiah Hunter Jones Memorial Scholarship
John & Vista Robertson Endowed Scholarship
John Luther & Isabelle Gray McLean Endowed Scholarship
John Taylor McMillan Endowed Scholarship
Julian T. Pierce Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Karen Weinstein Endowed Scholarship
Kiwanis of Robeson-Lumberton/J. Luckey Welsh, Jr. Health Science Scholarship
Lanadika Cooper Endowed Scholarship
Lee Sessoms Endowed Scholarship
Lillie “Marcella” Rachels Endowed Scholarship
Linda B. Hammond Annual Scholarship
Lucy B. Simmons Endowed Scholarship
Lumbee Guaranty Bank Endowed Scholarship
Lumbee River Electric Membership Endowed Scholarship
Lumberton Lions Club Workforce Development Annual Scholarship
Lumberton Rotary Club Annual Scholarship
Lumberton Tourism Development Authority DBA Lumberton Visitors Bureau Annual Scholarship
M&M Annual Scholarship
Marilyn Suggs Humphrey Annual Scholarship
Marilyn Threewitts Endowed Scholarship
Millie Ann Wooten-Powers/Rosa P. McLellan-Thomas Endowed Scholarship
Minority Male Achievement Program Annual Scholarship
Mountaire Farms Golf Tournament Scholarship
Pat “Tickie” McNeill Art Endowed Scholarship
Patricia M. Terrell Book ‘Em Scholarship
Ray Garrett Deese Endowed Scholarship
Ray V. & Ann Revels Endowed Scholarship
Raymond & Shirley Pennington Endowed Scholarship
RCC Association of Educational Office Professionals Annual Scholarship
RCC Alumni Association Annual Scholarship
RCC Foundation Scholarships for High School Seniors
RCC National Technical Honor Society Annual Scholarship
Rendal & Mary Lynn Walters Endowed Scholarship
Robeson County Home Builders Association Endowed Scholarship
Robeson Technical Works Endowed Scholarship
Ronald “Ron” G. Turbeville Nursing Memorial Annual Scholarship
Sammy & Onita Cox Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Sarah M. Britt Endowed Scholarship
Smithfield Learners to Leaders Endowed Scholarship
St. Albans Masonic Lodge #114 Endowed Scholarship
The Metzger Early Childhood Education Endowed Scholarship
The Wellington Mathematics Education Endowed Scholarship
Trinity Episcopal Church Women’s Allied Health Annual Scholarship
Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation’s Rosa Belle Williams Endowed Scholarship
Two Hawk Employment Services Annual Scholarship
Vickie Locklear Annual Scholarship
Vicky & Billy Hunt Annual Scholarship
William M. Espey Memorial Scholarship
The Wellington Mathematics Education Endowed Scholarship


Why are scholarships important?

They are important to donors because through these gifts those that we love and admire most in the world live on and continue to positively impact our community.

They are important to the recipients because they allow the fulfillment of dreams, the sustainment of families and the development of the local economy.

Read on for the story of a scholarship in the Turbeville family:

“Shortly after our brother was buried, I was sitting at my desk, numb with grief. I kept thinking that there had to be a way to make some sense of the loss, of a way for Ron’s name to live on in a positive fashion. Ron was a very loving person who spent much of his time caring for other people, not only at work but also in his private life. He was dedicated to the care of our elderly stepfather and mother, and gave selflessly of his time and energy during the last years of their lives.

The thought then occurred- what about a memorial nursing scholarship in his name? Ron’s name would go on in nursing through the education of others in the nursing field. It has also been a constructive way of dealing with the grief and loss because we know that Ron continues to help others through his scholarship. We all feel that with each donation Ron’s legacy continues. Friends and family continue to make donations to Ron’s scholarship for other people and in honor of birthdays and other holidays. I was touched at my last birthday when a friend told me that she and her husband had made a donation in honor of me. I don’t remember ever getting a gift that meant so much to me. I would encourage families who are dealing with loss to consider establishing an endowed scholarship. Our family now feels that we are part of the Robeson Community College family. And Ron would be so proud.”

Lynda F. Turbeville 11/29/2006


A former recipient of the Ronald G. Turbeville Memorial Nursing Scholarship writes, “I’m enclosing a check for $500 in Ron’s memory. I hope this money helps a future nurse- and I hope through this Ron continues to touch lives as he touched mine. I just want to help keep his memory alive.”

The Student Ambassador Program provides a select group of Robeson CC students to serve as representatives at institutional functions as well as recruitment, student, civic, and cultural activities. This program also provides the Ambassadors a leadership program to develop personal, organizational, and institutional leadership skills.

Students are given opportunities for personal growth and leadership development through participation in public relations events and campus activities and also receive a scholarship. If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, please contact Rebekah Lowry in the foundation office.

Click HERE for Student Ambassador Application


2018-19 Student Ambassadors
  • James Marshall
  • Nola Graham
  • Joseph Chavis
  • Marion Chavis
Role & Duties

Student Ambassadors are trained to provide assistance during peak registration periods, participate in visits to area high schools and college fairs to present the benefits of the community college experience, provide campus tours to visiting middle and high schools, assist during special events and college-sponsored activities (RCC Foundation Golf Tournament), as well as assist with the planning of the New Student Orientation Programs and/or other student events hosted or co-hosted by RCC or the RCC Foundation Office.

  • Attend monthly Ambassador meetings.
  • Assist with campus-wide tours with families or groups of students. Ambassadors will also speak with the prospective student(s) about the student life aspect of college, their college experiences and give them insight on how to take advantages of various student activities opportunities.
  • Maintain professional uniformed attire when acting in the ambassador capacity. Attire will be polo shirt provided by the Foundation Office, RCC blazer, and khaki pants (ambassadors must purchase pants).
  • Leadership opportunities available to Student Ambassadors provide additional experience in community service, politics, social and cultural experiences, and develop relationships with administrators on all levels;
  • Training and actual experience provides opportunities to develop communication, interpersonal, organizational, public speaking, and problem-solving skills;
  • Community service experience develops a sense of belonging and contributing to the community, as well as providing opportunities for personal/professional satisfaction in the knowledge that efforts have improved the lives of others; and
  • Letters of recommendation will be made available upon request to Student Ambassadors, in appreciation for their service to the campus and the college.

If you are interested in establishing a Program Fund or Well Being Fund, please contact Foundation & Development. 


These funds are tax-deductible but can’t benefit a donor or specific individuals. These funds will ONLY cover expenses within a department, club or organization that support the institution’s mission (according to U.S. Internal Revenue Services regulations).

  • RCC GED Fund
  • Mary J. Peterkin C&CR Fund
  • Lumberton Lions Workforce Development Fund
  • HRD Fund
  • Nursing Faculty Fund
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Fund (Pait)
  • Nursing Assistant Fund (Smith)
  • ADN Student Fund
  • LPN Student Fund
  • MMAP Fund
  • Radiography Fund
  • Friends of the Arts Fund
  • STEM Fund
  • Bill Williford Fund
  • Surgical Tech Fund
  • RCC Alumni Fund
  • Early Childhood Male Scholarship Fund
  • Business-Accounting Faculty Scholarship Fund
  • Biotech Fund
  • Camp SCRUBS Fund
  • NASO Fund
  • WIA Youth Fund
  • Rose Garden Fund
  • Stride for Health Fund
  • BOOST Fund
  • Freeman EMS Fund
  • Honors Fund
  • Respiratory Therapy Fund
  • Welding Fund
  • Food Pantry Fund

These funds will be used to cover expenses associated with day-to-day operations within a department, club, or organization. Contributions to these funds ARE NOT tax-deductible because the donor or specific individuals are receiving benefits (such as refreshments or awards) in return for the contribution (according to U.S. Internal Revenue Services regulations).

  • MMAP Well Being Fund
  • Syringe Bowl Fund
  • Nursing Well Being Fund
  • Radiography Well Being Fund
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Well Being Fund (Pait) 
  • Nursing Assistant Well Being Fund (Smith)
  • Culinary Well Being Fund



The budget required by the College is only partially met by state allocations, and RCC is increasingly challenged to meet the fiscal needs of its critically needed educational and workforce training programs. These budget requirements include: providing student aid and scholarship programs; exceptional instruction; student support services to include tutoring and library services, media center, learning and writing centers; outcome assessment tracking; career assessments and certifications; faculty and staff professional development; technologically advanced classrooms and laboratories; cultural advancement, and facility improvements. Private charitable contributions made to RCC through the Foundation will enable the College to continue meeting its objectives of providing a comprehensive community-based educational program to the citizens of Robeson County and the surrounding area.


There are several reasons for the development of a Foundation to assist the College. Because of state restrictions on how community colleges may receive and disburse gifts, fund-raising is difficult, if not impossible, for the College. As a separate supporting non-profit, the Foundation can receive gifts of cash and investments from gifts of stocks, bonds, and real estate, which the College itself is prohibited from doing. The Foundation is a means through which to actively engage community leaders in its operation. A strong Board of Directors composed of prominent and supportive citizens not only opens doors to needed dollars but can also help to inspire others with an appreciation for the goals and objectives of the College. The Foundation provides a way for the entire community, as well as the College’s alumni, students, and employees to ensure that prospective students have the opportunity to access an education or workforce training program leading to a career with a sustainable income.


The Foundation solicits and receives gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations or any other sources. Such gifts may be directed specifically or may be given without restrictions to be used as determined by the Board of Directors.


The direct management of the Foundation is maintained by its Board of Directors, composed of business and professional leaders from the community and representatives of the College’s administrative staff and Board of Trustees. RCC’s President, as well as members of the Robeson Community College Board of Trustees, serves as permanent Board members.


Even though the Foundation is a separate, legal entity, it serves as a vessel for broadening the support for the College through the involvement of community citizens. It provides financial support through scholarships for students, aid to student programs, faculty professional development, emergency aid programs and various other programs and outreach projects.

The RCC Foundation Board of Directors have a genuine interest in the college and are willing to assist in fulfilling the purposes and objectives of Robeson Community College Foundation. The direct management of the Foundation is maintained by its Board of Directors, composed of business and professional leaders from the community and representatives of the College’s administrative staff and Board of Trustees. RCC’s President, as well as members of the Robeson Community College Board of Trustees, serves as permanent Board members.


Not pictured: 

  • Jayne Huggins- Retired Educator (
  • Treasurer Tamara Kemp- Collins & Kemp, PLLC (
  • Lucy Simmons- Retired Educator (
  • Sherwood Southerland, Jr- Two Hawk Employment (
  • Wesley Washington- Washington’s Men Store (


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Director of Foundation &
Development | Building 2, 226A 

Phone: (910) 272-3235

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Executive Assistant  | Building  2, 226
Phone: (910) 272-3236