Robeson Community College

Online Learning

Online Learning at Robeson Community College is a medium or educational format that enables learning to occur when the student and the instructor are physically separated from each other in time and place. At Robeson Community College, these courses may be offered via the Internet or the North Carolina Information Highway and have the same course description, basic content, and credit hours as the traditional courses.

Instruction may be synchronous (requires all participants to be online at the same moment in time) or asynchronous (learning “anytime, anywhere” meaning that the learning process of a particular subject is performed without fixed class hours in classrooms).


Students who enroll in an online course should expect to complete homework assignments, participate in classroom discussion (discussion forums), and complete tests. Instructors also serve as a resource to the students by providing supplementary materials and by interacting with students in the discussion forums, online office hours or via e-mail/phone.

Credit Hours

The credit hours of a online course are the same as on-campus classes. For example, both CIS 110-D1 (face-to-face setting) and CIS 110-0I (online setting) are three (3) credit hours. Registration procedures are the same; and students have access to the same services and library resources. A technology fee is assessed to all students, regardless of the type of class to which they may register.

Online learning courses may include any or all of the following:

  • Instructor available by telephone, e-mail, or in person during specified hours
  • Course syllabus outlining assignments, testing information, and other details about the course
  • Textbook and/or study guide to direct and connect the reading and viewing assignments
  • Online Office Hours