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The Academic Success Center

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Mission of the Center:

The purpose of The Academic Success Center (ASC) at Robeson Community College is to provide students with additional assistance and resources to enhance their academic success, as well as to promote self-directed learning and decision-making; build confidence and motivation; and develop a greater appreciation for education and learning.

The center serves students by offering tutoring services, writing assistance, supplemental instruction, and computer-assisted learning in an environment that is supportive and encouraging. All services are FREE to Students! Sessions are available face to face during the hours below, or online through Upswing. Please don’t hesitate! Contact us by phone, or by using the form below. 

Phone:  (910) 272-3663

Location: Library – 422

Center Hours: Fall and Spring: Mon – Thurs: 8 AM until 5 PM; Fri:8 AM. until 3 PM 

Summer: Mon – Thurs: 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM;  Fri: Closed 

Things to do for Academic Success

Tutoring is FREE for All Students!

Beginning this fall, all students will be asked to use Upswing, an online tutoring platform. Face to face tutoring will be conducted in the Library, room 422. The purpose of using Upswing for face to face students is to have a uniform method of reporting all tutoring activity regardless of location. It will also provide face to face students with opportunities both to receive feedback on their sessions, and to evaluate the tutor. For information on using Upswing, see the Online Tutoring tab.

To request a tutor for either online or face to face, see below.

Face to Face Sessions - What happens?

For Face to Face sessions:

  • Pre-schedule your session. Notes on scheduling Upswing are available on the right Sidebar, and the Online tab. 
  • Come to the library during Center hours to meet with your tutor. 
  • Log in to Upswing about 10 minutes before your session. Go to the room.
  • Turn off the microphone and camera if necessary.
  • Join the session. You are now ready for your session.
  • Meet with the tutor. Your tutor may use the whiteboard to explain ideas. Any notes will be available for download if you wish.

     Before ending the session:

  • Download notes created on the white board and any files your tutor may have uploaded.
  • Sign out when finished.
  • Evaluate the session and the tutor.
    Online Sessions - What happens?

    Online students will meet remotely through Upswing.

    • Pre-schedule your session. Notes on scheduling Upswing are available on the right Sidebar, and the Online tab. 
    • Log in to Upswing about 10 minutes before your session. Go to the room.
    • Turn off the microphone and camera if necessary.
    • Join the session and work with the tutor.

          Before ending the session:

    • Download any notes created on the white board, and any files used.
    • Sign out when finished.
    • Evaluate the session and the tutor.
    Please READ these Instructions Before Requesting a Tutor

    All Students: Have these things ready before you fill out the form:

    Your course schedule, which shows the Course ID – Section ID (example CIS 110-O1) for each class. You may find your Course Schedule under Quick Links, Self Service, on the Home page. 

    • Times that you are available for tutoring based on your Class/Work/Life schedule. Plan for 2 hours per week per class, usually delivered on two days, one hour each.
      • Note: The Center is not permitted to tutor a student during face-to-face class time. You will be counted absent for your class, which can lead to being dropped.
      • These times are used to coordinate tutor availability to start.

    You may quickly request a tutor by using the Tutor Request form. This is for FREE tutor assistance. Complete all sections of this form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    • Once you have been contacted with your tutor’s name and information, you must use Upswing to schedule your sessions.
      • Only students can schedule sessions.
      • You can schedule up to two weeks at a time.  
      • After you set up a tutoring schedule, you will be expected to attend all sessions.
      • A tutor may drop a student after three absences.
    Tutor Request Form


    We are currently using Google to take student requests. Please click this link to  use the Google Request a Tutor Form.

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    FREE online tutoring and assistance is available for RCC students through Upswing!  With this service, you can connect to live tutors, submit essays for review, and get access to various writing tools.

    To log in, click  this link. Your login information is the same as your school login information.

    Click here for more information about Upswing.

    Click here for a list of online tutoring subjects.

    Instructions for Scheduling a Tutor: Schedule Upswing session

    Academic Advising Coaches aim to provide holistic advisement, registration, career counseling, and success coaching for their students.  In planning, coaches will collaborate with faculty to support student success as well as student services to promote resources, leadership, and to garner assistance.  As needed, coaches will work closely with students to improve softs skills, life skills, self-care and motivate academic success through workshops.  

      Steps to Registering
      1. Your first stop is admissions:
        1. Complete the application.
        2. Speak to an Admissions Officer
        3. Obtain your student id number
        4. Discover your Academic Advisor
      2. Go to see your Academic Advisor located in the library for advice on:
        1. Requirements for your degree. 
        2. What is offered in the current semester, including prerequisites, level of difficulty or time requirements.
        3. What and how many courses to take given work, home, and family obligations and financial aid requirements.
      3. Complete course registration as directed. 
      Meet Academic Advising Coaches


      Curriculum Coaches

      Academic Advisor
      Library Advising Center
      Phone: (910) 272-3523
      Lead Academic Advising Coach
      Library Advising Center
      Phone: (910) 272-3380
      Academic Advisor
      Library Advising Center
      Phone: (910) 272-3348
      Meet Coach - First Americans' Pathways to Stem Success

      FAPSS Advisement Coach
      Library Advising Center

      Phone: (910)-272-3454

      Meet Coach - Male Minority Success Initiative

      MMM Advisement Coach

      Library Advising Center
      Phone: (910) 272-3692

      We offer workshops during the semester which we hope will ease adjustment to college, or provide some help with general topics. These include:

      • Computing for Beginners
      • Using Course Access
      • Avoiding Plagiarism
      • Using Self-Service
      • Using Upswing
      • Financial Literacy
      • SAP Appeal Workshop

      Let us know your thoughts on other topics you would like to see covered by completing the form below.

      Workshop Request Form