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Safe RCC – COVID 19 Updates

To our RCC faculty, students, staff and visitors, we are committed to providing uncompromisingly academic and workforce training experiences despite the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, Robeson Community College (RCC), would like to share the following from the NC Department of Health and Human and The Centers for Disease Control:

·       NO-COST Community Testing Event Finder
·       Test Site Finder
·       Steps to Take After COVID-19 Testing
·       How can I help slow the spread?
·       NC County Alert System and Map
·       Slow COVIDNC Exposure Notification App
·       Higher Education COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Overview of Safety Measures  

Keeping the RCC campus safe must be a collective effort. Therefore, all students, faculty, staff and visitors are asked to comply fully with all COVID-19 safety measures and guidelines.  The college has moved forward with implementing the following measures.  See the detailed RCC Safe Return to Campus Plan.

  • To keep all students, faculty, staff, and visitors reduce the spread of COVID-19:
    • Face coverings are required in all public locations including hallways, classrooms, labs and even outside locations where a safe distance of six feet cannot be maintained.
    • COVID-19 stations have been placed in designated, high traffic areas. The stations are stocked with a limited supply of disposable masks, face shields and hand sanitizer, and should be used as needed.
    • High touch areas or high traffic areas and buildings are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals throughout the day, and a deep cleaning will occur every evening.
    • Water fountains and water dispensers may be disabled to prevent the spread of the virus.
    • If a positive COVID-19 case is reported or suspected, the area or building will be closed and sanitized according to CDC guidelines
  • To intentionally decrease the density in buildings, promote social distancing, and reduce contact in classrooms, labs, hallways and open areas.
    • Social distancing signage, visual cues, floor decals, colored tape, etc. are used to alter traffic patterns and indicate where everyone should stand or sit.
    • One-way directional signage is used to increase the distance between individuals entering, exiting or passing in hallways.
    • Directional signage encouraging the use of stairs rather than elevators are visible, especially when descending. Elevator capacity should be reserved for disabled persons.
    • Access to common areas has been physically restricted and plexiglass shields have been installed in public-facing areas (i.e. reception desks and student support centers).

What Can We All Do?

Keeping the RCC campus safe must be a collective effort. All students, faculty, staff and visitors are asked to comply fully with all COVID-19 safety measures and guidelines by getting to Know Your W’s: Wear, Wait, Wash.

    Safe RCC – COVID-19 Updates

    Overview of Safety Measures

    Safe Return to Campus Plan

              – Health & Safety Overview

              – Health & Safety Protocols

              – Face Coverings

              – Social Distancing

              – Cleaning & Disinfecting

              – Personal Hygiene

              – Direct & Indirect Exposure

              – Healthy RCC Pledge

              – Faculty & Staff Return – PowerPoint

    Curriculum Classes