Robeson Community College

University Transfer

new student welcome reception

Your path to earning a college degree may begin with Robeson Community College, but we hope it will not end until you earn a bachelor’s degree.  With this in mind, the University Transfer Program is designed to introduce students to the collegiate environment and more importantly, to assist students in developing the communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills necessary to succeed in college.

At Robeson Community College students are able to earn either an Associate in Arts degree that focuses on humanities and fine arts or an Associate in Science degree that focuses on sciences and mathematics. Both degrees are comprised of 60-61 credit hours; these degrees may be completed in two years. 

The goal of RCC’s programs is to make the transition from the community college to the four-year institution as smooth as possible. Therefore, students are encouraged to meet with their advisors on a regular basis as well as examine their academic plan frequently.