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Law Enforcement

Develop an understanding of the Law Enforcement system while exploring endemic and emerging issues in the field. Study Criminal Justice Technology, Applied Science, Corrections Essentials, Court Foundations and more to measure and understand the best ways to respond to a need in your community. 

Basic Law Enforcement Training

Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) is designed to give students essential skills required for entry-level employment as law enforcement officers with state, county, and municipal governments or with private enterprise.

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Criminal Justice Technology

The Criminal Justice Technology curriculum is designed to provide knowledge of criminal justice systems and operations. The study will focus on local, state and federal law enforcement, judicial processes, corrections and security services. The criminal justice systems’ role within the society will be explored.

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Mandatory In-Service Training

RCC provides all Mandatory In-Service Training (MIST) classes required by North Carolina Department of Justice (NCDOJ) – Criminal Justice and Sheriffs’ Training and Standards Divisions and the North Carolina Department of Public Safety (NCDPS). 

Our training coordinators will work with your agency to meet all your training needs. 

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Start DateEnd DateCourse TitleLocationInstructorHoursAvailability
1/10/20241/10/2024In-Service: Legal UpdateTBD0800-1200OPEN
1/10/20241/10/2024In-Service: Legislative UpdateTBD1300-1700OPEN
1/17/20241/17/2024In-Service: Legal UpdateTBD0800-1200OPEN
1/17/20241/17/2024In-Service: Legislative UpdateTBD1300-1700OPEN
1/18/20241/18/2024In-Service: Legal UpdateTBD0800-1200OPEN
1/18/20241/18/2024In-Service: Legislative UpdateTBD1300-1700OPEN
1/24/20241/24/2024In-Service: Legal UpdateTBD0800-1200OPEN
1/24/20241/24/2024In-Service: Legislative UpdateTBD1300-1700OPEN
1/31/20241/31/2024In-Service: Legal UpdateTBD0800-1200OPEN
1/31/20241/31/2024In-Service: Legislative UpdateTBD1300-1700OPEN
2/7/20242/7/2024In-Service: Active Assailant: Preparation and ResponseTBDOPEN
2/7/20242/7/2024In-Service: Officer SafetyTBDOPEN
2/7/20242/7/2024In-Service: Care Under Fire Law EnforcementTBDOPEN
2/14/20242/14/2024In-Service: Active Assailant: Preparation and ResponseTBDOPEN
2/14/20242/14/2024In-Service: Officer SafetyTBDOPEN
2/14/20242/14/2024In-Service: Care Under Fire Law EnforcementTBDOPEN
2/21/20242/21/2024In-Service: Active Assailant: Preparation and ResponseTBDOPEN
2/21/20242/21/2024In-Service: Officer SafetyTBDOPEN
2/21/20242/21/2024In-Service: Care Under Fire Law EnforcementTBDOPEN
2/28/20242/28/2024In-Service: Active Assailant: Preparation and ResponseTBDOPEN
2/28/20242/28/2024In-Service: Officer SafetyTBDOPEN
2/28/20242/28/2024In-Service: Care Under Fire Law EnforcementTBDOPEN
3/6/20243/6/2024In-Service: Juvenile JusticeTBDOPEN
3/6/20243/6/2024In-Service: Domestic Violence Overcoming Elder AbuseTBDOPEN
3/6/20243/6/2024In-Service: Ethics, Increasing ProfessionalismTBDOPEN
3/6/20243/6/2024In-Service: Citizens with FirearmsTBDOPEN
3/13/20243/13/2024In-Service: Juvenile JusticeTBDOPEN
3/13/20243/13/2024In-Service: Domestic Violence Overcoming Elder AbuseTBDOPEN
3/13/20243/13/2024In-Service: Ethics, Increasing ProfessionalismTBDOPEN
3/13/20243/13/2024In-Service: Citizens with FirearmsTBDOPEN
3/20/20243/20/2024In-Service: Juvenile JusticeTBDOPEN
3/20/20243/20/2024In-Service: Domestic Violence Overcoming Elder AbuseTBDOPEN
3/20/20243/20/2024In-Service: Ethics, Increasing ProfessionalismTBDOPEN
3/20/20243/20/2024In-Service: Citizens with FirearmsTBDOPEN
3/27/20243/27/2024In-Service: Juvenile JusticeTBDOPEN
3/27/20243/27/2024In-Service: Domestic Violence Overcoming Elder AbuseTBDOPEN
3/27/20243/27/2024In-Service: Ethics, Increasing ProfessionalismTBDOPEN
3/27/20243/27/2024In-Service: Citizens with FirearmsTBDOPEN
4/3/20244/3/2024In-Service: CPRTBDOPEN
4/3/20244/3/2024In-Service: BBP/HAZMATTBDOPEN
4/10/20244/10/2024In-Service: CPRTBDOPEN
4/10/20244/10/2024In-Service: BBP/HAZMATTBDOPEN
4/11/20244/11/2024In-Service: CPRTBDOPEN
4/11/20244/11/2024In-Service: BBP/HAZMATTBDOPEN
4/17/20244/17/2024In-Service: CPRTBDOPEN
4/17/20244/17/2024In-Service: BBP/HAZMATTBDOPEN
4/24/20244/24/2024In-Service: CPRTBDOPEN
4/24/20244/24/2024In-Service: BBP/HAZMATTBDOPEN


Advanced Training

RCC offers Specialized Training in all areas of law enforcement, from patrol officers to specialized investigation units. We also offer North Carolina Training and Standards commissioned courses in the areas of Speed Measuring Instrument (SMI), Instructor Training (General Instructor), Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC), and others. Please navigate to our Specialized Training Page (using the link below) for more information on other interesting training topics we offer.  

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Start Date End DateCourse TitleLocationInstructorHoursAvailability
1/16/20241/18/2024Crime Scene InvestigationBLDG 11 RM 1126MilCo Training Sol0800-1700OPEN
1/22/20242/7/2024General InstructorBLDG 11 RM 1126Various0800-1700CLOSED
2/5/20242/9/2024Hostage NegotiationsBLDG 11 1128NCJA / Rob Phelan0800-1700CLOSED
2/5/20244/5/2024First Line SupervisionONLINEMilCo SolONLINEOPEN
2/13/20242/13/2024Homicide Academy: Analyzing 911 Calls for HomicideONLINEMilCo SolONLINEOPEN
2/14/20242/14/2024Homicide Academy: Violent Crime ProfileONLINEMilCoONLINEOPEN
2/19/20242/23/2024Mantracking Level IIBLDG 11 RM 1128Tactical Tracker LLC0800-1900OPEN
2/22/20242/23/2024Advanced Report WritingBLDG 11 RM 1126Timothy Quigly0800-1700OPEN
2/26/20243/8/2024PLIBLDG 11 RM 1128Andrew Tillmer0800-1700OPEN
3/11/20243/12/2024Homicide Academy: Cold CasesBLDG 11 RM 1126MilCo Training Sol0800-1700OPEN
3/18/20243/22/2024FTO: Field Training OfficerBLDG 11 RM 1128RCC Staff0800-1700OPEN
3/25/20243/25/2024Surviving the First 3 SecondsBLDG 9 RM 901Kirk Hinsley0800-1700OPEN
3/25/20245/24/2024Principles of Effective SupervisionONLINEMilCo SolONLINEOPEN
3/28/20243/28/2024Advance Hostage Negotiations (Part I)LETC (Green Grove)Timothy Quigly0800-1700OPEN
4/2/20244/4/2024Simunitions Instructor CourseLETC (Green Grove)Simutions0800-1700OPEN
4/11/20244/12/2024Weathering The StormBLDG 11 RM 1126NCJA/ Jessica Cook0800-1700OPEN
4/15/20244/19/2024Officer ReadinessBLDG 11 RM 1126RCC Staff0800-1700OPEN
4/22/20244/22/2024Death & Crime Scene ManagementONLINEMilCo SolONLINEOPEN
4/25/20244/25/2024Advance Hostage Negotiations (part 2 )LETC (Green Grove)Timothy Quigly0800-1700OPEN
4/29/20245/3/2024CIT: Crisis Intervention TrainingBLDG 11 RM 1126Eastpointe /RCC0800-1700OPEN
5/6/20245/8/2024Cellphone & Social Media Records ExtractionBLDG 11 RM 1128211 Solutions0800-1700OPEN
5/13/20245/13/2024Hoarding : Safety and Mental Health Considerations for the first responderBLDG 11RM 1128Susan Baggett0800-1700OPEN
5/20/20245/21/2024Advanced Assisting Indaviduals In CrisisBLDG 11 RM 1128Ned Fowler0800-1700OPEN
5/22/20245/23/2024Advanced Group Crisis InterventionBLDG 11 RM 1128Ned Fowler0800-1700OPEN
5/30/20245/30/2024Advanced Hostage Negotiations (Part 3)LETC (Green Grove)Timothy Quigly0800-1700OPEN
6/3/20246/5/2024Advanced Homicide InvestigationBLDG 11 RM 1126MilCo Training Sol0800-1700OPEN
6/10/20248/4/2024Change ManagementONLINEMilCo Training SolONLINEOPEN
6/10/20246/27/2024General InstructorBLDG 11 RM 1126Various0800-1700OPEN
7/15/20247/19/2024SRO SurvivalBLDG 11 RM 1126MilCo Training Sol0800-1700OPEN
7/22/20247/25/2024Rapid Deployment InstructorBLDG 11 RM 1126NCJA/ Rob Phelan0800-1700OPEN
8/19/202410/13/2024Executive LeadershipONLINEMilCo Training SolONLINEOPEN
9/24/20249/26/2024Fundamentals of the Investigative ProcessBLDG 11 RM 1128Blueline Training0800-1700OPEN
10/22/202410/23/2024Suicide InvestigationBLDG 11 RM 1126Blueline Training0800-1700OPEN
11/12/202411/12/2024Inside the Mind of the Violent OffenderBLDG 11 RM 1126Blueline Training0800-1700OPEN
11/13/202411/13/2024Domestic Violence: from Obsession to MurderBLDG 11 RM 1126Blueline Training0800-1700OPEN
11/14/202411/14/2024Interview & Interrogation: Detection and Overcoming DeceptionBLDG 11 RM 1126Blueline Training0800-1700OPEN
Certificate Programs

Click the link below to explore the Advanced Certification Programs as RCC:

Speed Measuring Instrument Courses



Start DateEnd DateCourse TitleLocationInstructorHoursAvailabilityTest Location
04/15/202404/19/2024Basic RADAR OperatorBuilding 11Bruce Meares40OPENCape Fear CC
06/17/202406/21/2024Basic RADAR OperatorBuilding 11Bruce Meares40OPENRobeson CC
08/12/202408/16/2024Basic RADAR OperatorBuilding 11Bruce Meares40OPENRobeson CC

Robeson Community College has partnered with MilCo Training Solutions to bring a completely online opportunity to law enforcement officers seeking to enhance their leadership abilities.

The Criminal Justice Leadership Academy is comprise of a series of eight (8) specifically designed courses, addressing field leadership (4 courses) and administrative leadership (4 courses) in criminal justice agencies. These eight-week asynchronous (online) courses are presented through Moodle, an online learning platform.

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Field Leadership Courses
Leadership for the Front-Line Leader
Servant Leadership
Ethical Leadership
Coaching & Mentoring, Developing Team Members

Administrative Leadership Courses
Principles of Effective Supervision
Change Management
Executive Leadership
Ethical, Character Driven Organizations

Main Office

Dimery, Matt
Director of Basic Law Enforcement Training | Building 11
                     Law Enforcement Programs
                     Criminal Justice Technology Program

Phone: (910) 272-3691

Meares, Bruce
Qualified Assistant for BLET | Building 11

Phone: (910) 272-3650

Oxendine, Candi
Administrative Assistant for Law Enforcement Programs | Building 11

Phone: (910) 272-3690



Lead Faculty Instructor

Building 18
Phone: (910) 272-3481


Adjunct Instructor 
Phone: (910) 272-3480


Adjunct Instructor
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Adjunct Instructor
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Adjunct Instructor
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Adjunct Instructor
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Adjunct Instructor
Phone: (910) 272-3480


Dimery, Matt

Director of Law Enforcement Training | Building 18
Phone: (910) 272-3691

Lt. (Ret.) Woodard, Lewis

NC DPS Training Coordinator | Law Enforcment Training Center 
Phone: (910) 272-3613

Lt. (Ret.) Monteiro, Peter

Law Enforcement Training Coordinator | Building 11

Phone: (910) 272-3502