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Thank you for considering a gift to the Robeson Community College! Click the link below to make an online donation or mail your donation.

All gifts are tax deductible, as the Robeson Community College Foundation has been recognized as a tax-exempt non-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code since 1980.

To Give:

  • Online – Visit our secure giving site (
    • If you wish to give to a specific scholarship or fund (listed below), please add the name of the fund in the “Comments” section of the online payment form.
  • Mail – Mail donations to:
    The RCC Foundation
    PO Box 1420
    Lumberton, NC 28359
Unrestricted Gifts of Cash

Unrestricted Gifts are the most useful assets in responding to the College’s ever-changing needs. These gifts can be applied wherever the needs are greatest and the funds most productive.

Restricted Gifts of Cash

Restricted Gifts allow donors to satisfy their own personal concerns while making an important contribution to the College.

Real or Personal Property

Real Estate and Personal Property such as tangible personal property, i.e., art or equipment related to Robeson Community College’s exempt purposes are fully tax deductible at fair market value. Real estate can provide for an immediate gift or fund a trust.


Gifts by Securities are a sometimes overlooked method of contributing to an educational group. Since the College can sell these securities at the market value and not have to pay tax on the gain, the donor is then able to receive income tax credit based on the market value of the securities when donated.

Provisions of a Will

Bequests in Wills represent an often used means for leaving cash, securities, real estate or other property to an educational institution. Since such bequests are exempt from federal estate taxes, a tax savings is effective for the estate, and funds are made available to the College in the name of the deceased.

Gifts of Insurance Policies

Gifts by Insurance enable donors to transfer ownership and beneficiary rights to the College while becoming a tax-deduction to the insured.

Rose Garden

The Robeson Community College Commemorative Rose Garden Walkway gives you an opportunity to pave the way for future generations of students. We invite you to become a permanent part of our RCC environment by purchasing a stepping stone for yourself, your family, your business or in honor or memory of someone who has been important in your life.

Each stone features two lines of engraving for an investment of $250.00 per stone. An additional fee of $5.00 will be charged for a third line.

To order a commemorative stepping stone, please complete the order form and return it with your payment to the address at the bottom of the form.

Rose Garden Engraving Form 


Philanthropic Naming Rights

We have ample naming rights currently available that include; campus buildings, classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms, lobbies, student common areas, etc. 

For more information please contact Stanley J. Elliott, Phd., VP of Foundation at 910-272-3334, or Heather Seibles, Donor and Major Gifts  at 910-272-3235. We would love to help you accomplish your philanthropic goals. 


The RCC Foundation provides two types of scholarship assistance to students.

  • Endowed: Funded with earnings from endowments.
  • Annual: Funded with annual gifts from donors.

BB&T Endowed Scholarship
BB&T Finance Professionals Endowed Scholarship
BB&T Golf Tournament Scholarship
Bill & Mayme Tubbs Presidential Endowed Scholarship
Bill & Sue Wester Endowed Scholarship
Bruce Williams Endowed Scholarship
Bullard Restaurant Group-Drew & Clif Bullard Endowed Scholarship
Business & Accounting Faculty Annual Scholarship
Cakes & Pastries of Lumberton Golf Tournament Scholarship
Campbell Soup Supply Company Golf Tournament Scholarship
Charles V. Chrestman Spring RCCAEOP Annual Scholarship
Charlie’s Pharm Tech Scholarship
Clifford Bullard Memorial Golf Tournament Scholarship
Clyde & Charlotte Sessoms Endowed Scholarship
Commissioner Jerry Stephens, Sr. EMS Endowed Scholarship
Connie Ivey Endowed Scholarship
Crystal Edmonds Friends of the Arts Scholarship
Debbie Lowry Memorial Scholarship
Dr. & Mrs. A. J. Robinson Allied Health Endowed Scholarship
Dr. F.A. Berne/Lumberton Radiology Associates Annual Scholarship
Dr. J. Irvin & Anne Moss Biggs Endowed Scholarship
Dr. J. Irvin & Anne Moss Biggs Endowed Culinary Scholarship
Dr. J. Graham Pittman Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Mark O. Kinlaw Endowed Scholarship
Drs. Annette & Joseph Burke Endowed Scholarship
Dwight & Gail O. Gane/Kiwanis of Robeson-Lumberton Annual Scholarship
Earl & Joyce Antone Endowed Scholarship
Earl and Marjorie Whitener Endowed Scholarship
Edna Trinity Mazell Hunt Memorial Scholarship
Eliza & Fred G. Williams Jr. Endowed Scholarship
Eula Mae Harrell Endowed Scholarship
Evelyn M. Price Endowed Scholarship
Evelyn P. Warwick Endowed Scholarship
Florence G. Rogers Charitable Book Annual Scholarship
Florence G. Rogers Charitable Trust Annual Scholarship
Four Winds Heritage Group Golf Tournament Scholarship
Gail O. Gane Respiratory Therapy Endowed Scholarship
Gary N. Powers Endowed Scholarship
Golden LivingCenters-Lumberton Nursing Annual Scholarship
Henry A. & Martha B. McKinnon Endowed Scholarship
Henry M. & Helen W. Callis Endowed Book Fund
I. Murchison Biggs Family Endowed Scholarship
Inquirers’ Club Annual Scholarship
James and Eveland Kirkland Endowed Scholarship
James A. Comstock Annual Scholarship
James Turner BLET Annual Scholarship
James David McNair Minority Male Mentoring Achievement Program Annual Scholarship
James B. & Evelyn Johnson Kirkland Early Childhood Endowed Scholarship
Jeremiah M. Goodson, Jr. Memorial BLET Training Annual Scholarship
Jeremiah Hunter Jones Memorial Scholarship
Jill Wilson Endowed Scholarship 
John & Vista Robertson Endowed Scholarship
John Luther & Isabelle Gray McLean Endowed Scholarship
John Taylor McMillan Endowed Scholarship
Johnson Foundation Scholarship 
Julian T. Pierce Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Karen Weinstein Endowed Scholarship
Kevin K. Conner Endowed Scholarship
Kiwanis of Robeson-Lumberton J. Luckey Welsh, Jr. Allied Health Endowment
Lanadika Cooper Endowed Scholarship
Lee Sessoms Endowed Scholarship
Lillie “Marcella” Rachels Endowed Scholarship
Linda B. Hammond Annual Scholarship
Lucy B. Simmons Endowed Scholarship
Lumbee Guaranty Bank Endowed Scholarship
Lumbee River Electric Membership Endowed Scholarship
Lumberton Lions Club Workforce Development Annual Scholarship
Lumberton Rotary Club Annual Scholarship
Lumberton Tourism Development Authority DBA Lumberton Visitors Bureau Annual Scholarship
M&M Annual Scholarship
Marilyn Suggs Humphrey Annual Scholarship
Marilyn Threewitts Endowed Scholarship
Millie Ann Wooten-Powers/Rosa P. McLellan-Thomas Endowed Scholarship
Minority Male Achievement Program Annual Scholarship
Mountaire Farms Golf Tournament Scholarship
Oscar (Rock) and Rachel Everitte Endowed Scholarhip
Pat “Tickie” McNeill Art Endowed Scholarship
Patricia M. Terrell Book ‘Em Scholarship
Piedmont Natural Gas Annual Technical Scholarship
Ralph Jacob Clark, Jr. Memorial Endowment
Ray Garrett Deese Endowed Scholarship
Ray V. & Ann Revels Endowed Scholarship
Raymond & Shirley Pennington Endowed Scholarship
RCC Association of Educational Office Professionals Annual Scholarship
RCC Alumni Association Annual Scholarship
RCC Foundation Scholarships for High School Seniors
RCC National Technical Honor Society Annual Scholarship
Rendal & Mary Lynn Walters Endowed Scholarship
Robeson County Home Builders Association Endowed Scholarship
Robeson Technical Works Endowed Scholarship
Ronald “Ron” G. Turbeville Nursing Memorial Annual Scholarship
Sammy & Onita Cox Endowed Nursing Scholarship
Sarah M. Britt Endowed Scholarship
Smithfield Learners to Leaders Endowed Scholarship
St. Albans Masonic Lodge #114 Endowed Scholarship
The Betty and Michelle Radiography Scholarship
The Bowen Family: Lonnie, Dorothy, Woody Memorial Endowment
The Gilbert Scholarship
The First Citizens Bank Endowed Scholarship
The Metzger Early Childhood Education Endowed Scholarship
Trinity Episcopal Church Women’s Allied Health Annual Scholarship
Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation’s Rosa Belle Williams Endowed Scholarship
United Way Pathway to Success Scholarship
Two Hawk Employment Services Annual Scholarship
Vickie Locklear Annual Scholarship
Vicky & Billy Hunt Annual Scholarship
William M. Espey Memorial Scholarship