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Curriculum Classes

We are excited to offer course schedules to support the varied needs of our students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Classes will be offered in a variety of methods, including traditional or face-to face, online asynchronous, online synchronous, hybrid, and blended.

Even amid the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our goal to work with each student to find an instructional method that works best during these unprecedented times.  

Students who have already registered, may review their schedules in Self-Service. If schedule changes need to be made, please contact Ms. Kim Jacobs at (910) 272-3353 or kjacobs@robeson.eduBelow is a brief description of the types of instructional delivery methods that will be offered for the fall semester:

  • Blended Courses: Curriculum or continuing education courses in which less than (<) 50% of instruction is delivered when the student and the instructor are separated by distance.  Students should expect to complete assignments and to participate fully in both the online and face-to-face portions of the class.
  • Hybrid Courses: A hybrid course combines both the online and face-to-face environment. Part of the instruction, such as lectures, is presented online while another segment, such as lab work, is taught in the traditional face-to-face setting. Curriculum or continuing education courses will be delivered with more than (>) 50%, but less than (<) 100% of instruction when the student and the instructor are separated by distance.  Students should expect to complete assignments and to participate fully in both the online and face-to-face portions of the class.
  • Online Courses: In an online course, instruction may be synchronous (requires all participants to be online at a specified time) or asynchronous (learning “anytime, anywhere” meaning that the learning process of a subject is performed without fixed class hours in classrooms). College curriculum or continuing education course in which 100% of the instruction is delivered via the Internet/online. Courses may have proctored testing, but instruction is delivered online.
  • Traditional or Web Assisted Course: A web assisted course is a College credit course where the primary delivery is via traditional face-to face method with a requirement that students have Internet access as a supplemental part of the course.  A class where instruction is provided during regularly-scheduled classroom or laboratory/clinical meeting times attended by students in-person.  Faculty will use the Course Learning Management System (LMS) to provide some instructional information and resources via the online environment.
  • North Carolina Information Highway (NCIH) Course: Through the assistance of a video network, students are seated in a classroom at Robeson Community College while they view their instructor, who is located at another institution, via a television screen. Such a course is offered through NCIH (North Carolina Information Highway).

A listing of course section numbers can be viewed here.  Please remain abreast of calendar updates by viewing the College Calendars and Schedules online.  For more information, visit the  2021-2022 Catalog and Student Handbook.

  • Faculty Office Hours | Faculty office hours may be held virtually through video conferencing vs. face-to-face. Therefore, students should email or call ahead to schedule a face-to-face meeting with faculty or advising session.
  • Offices and Department | All departments and offices are open, but practicing social distancing. Students are encouraged to contact the various departments as listed below for assistance and information:


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