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Business Technologies Handouts

CIS 110 Global Project Get Started

This is a 3 part project which ties together Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a real time exploration of overseas jobs that you can investigate for your career. You need to research the jobs available in the country of your choice, then develop a plan to visit the country to check out the employers and what it would be like to live and work in your chosen country.

It pays to start well in advance of the due date for the first project. 

Global Project Get Started

Rules of Debit and Credit & Analyzing Transactions

The rules of debit and credit are based on the expanded accounting equation. Using these rules makes it much easier to record transactions using a general journal, rather than using the equation itself. It is then easy to summarize what has been recorded in a general ledger, which itemizes what has happened account by account. 

Rules of Debit and Credit and Analysis Chart

Transaction Analysis Chart Worksheet

You can print this worksheet and use it to analyze every transaction. 

Transaction Analysis Chart