Robeson Community College

Early Childhood Mission/Conceptual Framework

Program’s Mission Statement:

The Early Childhood Program is committed to providing sound educational opportunities to early childhood students with a focus on developmentally appropriate practices. These practices are supported and promoted by the NAEYC associate degree standards which are measured in our classrooms. In continued support of this mission, we also strive to provide students with numerous opportunities to utilize their pedagogical skills in real-world applications through field experiences in a variety of early childhood settings. It is our belief that through the application of these skills, students will be prepared to meet the challenges of the early childhood profession.

Conceptual Framework:

The following framework has been extracted from the multiple teaching experiences as dispositions that we strive for graduates of our program to exhibit:

 Early Childhood Professional (ECP)

Reflective/Critical Thinking – ECP’s must be reflective in their practice to determine strengths and areas of improvement for continued personal and professional growth.

Relationships and Partnerships – ECP’s must foster and maintain relationships with other professionals as well as establish partnerships with families, businesses and community organizations.

Theory into Practice – ECP’s are effective practitioners who utilize pedagogical approaches that are rooted in educational theory and are supported through current research.

Commitment to Continued Growth – ECP’s will seek additional opportunities for personal and professional growth outside of classroom activities and upon employment to stay abreast of new and innovative educational practices.