Robeson Community College

Curriculum Refunds and Policies

Laws created by the North Carolina General Assembly for the operation of all of the community colleges within the North Carolina Community College System are maintained in the North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 23, Chapter 2 of the NCAC.  These regulations cover fees, refunds, curriculum guidelines, etc.


Refunds are processed under the North Carolina Community College System (state) refund policy.  A summary of the policy is located below.   The complete state refund policy is located within the North Carolina Administrative Code, Title 23, Chapter 2.

Tuition refunds are automatically processed based on deadlines and drop dates and are mailed to the student address on file in our records. Therefore, it is very important that you submit address changes to the Business Office as soon as they occur.


Students will be eligible for refunds when course drops or withdrawals result in enrollment for less than maximum credit hours and meet the applicable conditions described in the drop deadlines section.


A 100 percent refund will be made if the class in which the student is officially registered is canceled by the college.

SELF-SUPPORTING CLASSES (Seen occasionally in summer terms)
There is no refund for self-supporting classes that are dropped after a term begins.   Otherwise RCC policies and deadlines also apply to self-supporting classes.




Books will be accepted for full refund when the student withdraws from College or drops a class on or before the 10 percent point in the semester, provided the books have not been marked in or otherwise defaced. Requests for book refunds are to be presented with the sales receipt by the student by the 10 percent point in the semester to the Bookstore Manager, who is authorized to accept or reject the request for refund.


While every possible effort is made to avoid schedule changes, the college reserves the right to cancel classes or make other schedule changes without notice.


Registration and tuition charges are the same as for courses taken for credit. Audit classes earn neither credit hour nor quality points. The student must submit a Request to Audit form to the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day to add.  Courses in the health science majors may not be audited.