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Robeson Community College

Criminal Justice Technology Faculty

Located in Building 11, the faculty and staff of the Criminal Justice Technologies Department are available to assist you with your academic needs while at Robeson Community College. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

Faculty Name Office Phone Email

Mickey Biggs – Chair

1105 (910) 272-3480 mbiggs@robeson.edu
Terry Waheed 1106 (910) 272-3481 twaheed@robeson.edu
R. Travis Bryant Adjunct (910) 272-3651 Travis.Bryant@uncp.edu
Juana Mangum Adjunct (910) 272-3651 jmangum@robeson.edu
Rudy Locklear Adjunct (910) 272-3651 rudlocklear@robeson.edu
Brian Gibson Adjunct (910) 272-3651 rogibson@robeson.edu
      Melinda Chavis     Faculty Offices (910) 272-3651 mchavis@robeson.edu