Robeson Community College

Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) in Service Training

Message from the Director:

Robeson Community College has a rich tradition of providing quality law enforcement training programs to agencies in this region. For over 35 years, RCC has been a respected leader in addressing the law enforcement training needs of this community. As we plan for the future, it is our desire to continue this tradition by responding to the current needs and to be innovative in our design of future programs that will enhance the professional knowledge, skills and abilities of those who serve and protect us every day. We will accomplish this by being creative, flexible and innovative in our response to those needs. We will provide effective and efficient instruction by utilizing the best facilities; the most dedicated and qualified instructors and the latest in technology and equipment. It is our hope that you find the information on this site to be useful as you seek solutions to your current and future training needs. Our staff stands ready to assist you and your agency in addressing any issues that may be resolved through training. Please feel free to contact me or any member of my staff through the contacts link on this page with your questions.

Mickey Biggs, Director of Law Enforcement Training

2019 January – June; RADAR/LIDAR/In-Service

2019 Training Brochure

To inquire about our specialized and in-service training programs, please contact our training staff:

Melinda Chavis – SMI Program Qualified Assistant

Office: (910) 272-3650


Mickey Biggs – Director of Law Enforcement Training  

Office: (910) 272-3480