Student Resources



COURSE WITHDRAWAL FORM  (Student initiated) 
These instructions will help you submit the form.
The form is programmed to route itself to the people who need to approve it. Failure to follow the
instructions to the letter will result in a failed attempt to withdraw from a class.
Use one form for each instructor.
You can determine if your withdrawal was successful by:
1. Confirmation emails to your RCC student email account and/or
2. Verifying that the class(es) no longer appear in My Class Schedule in WebAdvisor.
1. Students are responsible for withdrawing from classes.
2. You need to understand that all withdrawals come with implications that may affect you
personally, financially and academically. Timing can be very important.
a. The 75% tuition refund period ends very quickly for each class. There are NO 100% refunds
after a term or mini-term begins. See Survival Cheat Sheet for the current term.
b. Pell Grant, loan students and sponsored students should ask Financial Aid and/or your
sponsor about the impact of withdrawing from a class. Know your eligibility and guidelines.
c. Each class has a last date to withdraw with a “W” deadline. After that deadline, all
withdrawals will have “WF” as a grade. “WF” is a failing grade with the same impact as an “F.”
See the current Academic Calendar to determine withdrawal deadlines for your classes.
d. Know the bookstore’s policy on returns. Keep your receipts!