Robeson Community College

Victims’ Rights

Upon reporting a claim, you have the right:

  • To a prompt and equitable response
  • To notify law enforcement and to be assisted by campus authorities
  • To obtain no contact orders or enforce an order already in existence
  • To obtain contact information for campus and local advocacy, counseling, health, mental health and legal assistance services
  • To request assistance in changing academic or working situations
  • The opportunity to request prompt proceedings conducted by officials trained on sexual assault and other intimate partner violence issues
  • To be accompanied to any related meeting or proceeding by an advisor of their choice
  • To be informed in writing of the final results within one business day of such outcome being reached which include: 
       -Findings as to whether the alleged conduct occurred
       -Remedies offered to the victim
       -Sanctions imposed on perpetrator that relate directly to the victim
       -Steps the College is taking to remedy the College environment

  • To Confidentiality
    Please note…that honoring this request may limit the College’s ability to respond fully to the incident, including pursuing disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator.

  • Retaliation
    To be protected from acts of retaliation and the college will: -take steps to prevent retaliation -take strong responsive action if retaliation occurs.

For more information, you may contact the Title IX Coordinator: