Notice of Outcome and Appeals Procedure

Notice of Outcome
Written notice of the outcome of disciplinary proceeding will be provided to both reporting and responding parties concurrently. The content of the notice may vary depending on the underlying allegations and the age of the students.

Appeals Procedure
Decisions rendered by the Campus Standards Committee may be appealed to the Vice President of Instruction and Support Services or his/her designee. To initiate an appeal, the student must appeal in writing within three school days after receipt of the Committee’s decision. In an appeal the student should demonstrate that: (1) there is new evidence that could not be obtained previously ; (2) the Assistant Vice President of Student Services, his/her designee, and/or the Campus Standards Committee exhibited prejudice or other unfair treatment to the student; and/or (3) the decision does not relate appropriately to the charges.

The Vice President shall have the authority to: (1) review the proceedings and findings of the Campus Standards Committee: (2) conduct interviews with the student charged, the Assistant Vice President of Student Services and/or his/her designee, Campus Standards Committee members, and/or witnesses; and (3) approve, modify, or overturn the decision or sanction of the Campus Standards Committee. The Vice-President of the Instruction and Support Services or his/her designee will inform the student in writing of the final decision within five school days of the receipt of the appeal.

Decisions rendered by the Vice-President of Instruction and Support or his/her designee will be considered final.