Robeson Community College


Students violating the College’s Student Code of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action. Any member of the campus community may initiate a report of an alleged violation. In order to ensure an orderly process for addressing alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct, the following procedures will be followed:

-Alleged violations of any local, State or Federal regulation or law will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency by Campus Security.

-Classroom Disruptions – Inappropriate classroom behavior resulting in an instructor requesting a student leave the classroom will be reported to the director or assistant vice-president responsible for the class.

-Disruptive incidents occurring in public areas on campus (parking lots, lounge areas, hallways, bathrooms, etc.) will be investigated by Campus Security.

-Disruptive incidents occurring at off-campus college sponsored activities, events, and classes will be reported to the responsible director or assistant vice-president.

Alleged violations of the College’s Student Code of Conduct should be reported immediately, but not later than two school days after the date of the incident to the college official designated above. Students will be accorded due process in all disciplinary proceedings. Members of the college community reporting an alleged violation must complete an incident report detailing the names of the individual(s) involved; the date, time, and location of the incident; names of witnesses; a summary of the incident; and any action initiated as a result of the incident. Upon receipt of the completed incident report, the designated college official will complete an investigation of the incident.

The incident report, investigative findings and a description of the Student Code of Conduct charges will be forwarded by the designated college official to the Assistant Vice-President of Student Services for review and action. The investigation of the incident should be completed within three school days of receiving the completed incident report. Upon receipt of these materials, the Assistant Vice-President will notify the student(s) of the report and of alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct.