Robeson Community College

National Center for Construction, Education and Research

The National Center for Construction, Education and Research (NCCER) is an educational foundation created to develop standardized construction and maintenance curriculum for industry crafts.  These credentials are portable as well as nationally and industry recognized and accepted by the Department of Labor- Office of Apprenticeship as time-based training. For more information call 910-272-3630.

NCCER- Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is the initial training for NCCER.  Students will be exposed to safety lectures, math and blueprint reading as well as employability skills and skill performance demonstrations.  Upon successful completion participants will be enrolled in the national registry and provided with credentials potential employers can verify.

NCCER- Electrical

This 4-level curriculum prepares students for the installation of electrical systems and electrical components.  The curriculum covers electrical safety, theory, conduit bending, conductor and circuit breakers, electrical construction drawings, test equipment and the National Electrical Code (NEC).