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Specialty Classes/Online Courses


RCC Fire and Rescue Training and Lumberton Rescue and EMS will be sponsoring Extrication 2022 on August 19-21, 2022 at the Emergency Services Training Center. This 24 hour class almost totally hands on using multiple scenarios and different types of rescue equipment.  The lead instructor for this class will be Toot Lee with Premier Extrication Several vendors will be participating and will be allowing use of their equipment.  Scenarios will include use of grip hoists, vehicle stabilization, using heavy wreckers, horse shoe pin jobs, lifting bags and much more.  Seating will be limited to 60 students and there will be a registration fee of $50.00 per student. More information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

FAA Part 107 Class for Drone Operations RCC Emergency Services Training Center June 13, 14, 15, 16, 2022. Class starts at 0830 hrs. each day. This class will prepare you to be a commercial drone pilot and meet FAA Part 107 requirements. If you use a drone for other than hobbyist purposes, you need to meet the FAA Part 107 rules. Commercial examples would be search and rescue, damage assessment, and flying over commercial and residential fires.  Successful completion of the course will give you knowledge to take and pass the 60 question FAA test.  Pre-registration for this class s required.

Planning Section Chief (certification) Robeson County Emergency Operations Center July 11, 12, 13, and 14, 2022. Class starts at 0830 hrs. each day.  Students MUST pre-register through NC TERMS to attend this class.

NIMS300 (certification) Lumberton Fire Department Central Station July 18, 19 and 20, 2022. Class starts at 0900 hrs. each day.  Pre-registration is required.

NIMS400 (certification) Lumberton Fire Department Central Station July 20, 21, 2022. Class starts at 1pm on the 20th and starts at 0900 hrs. on the 21st. Pre-registration is required.


Online Classes (NEW)

We are proud to start offering the following online classes:

Hazardous Materials Refresher (6 hour credit)

Blood Borne Pathogens (3 hours credit)

Hybrid Vehicles (8 hours credit)

These classes are presented in Moodle. You can access Moodle from Quick Links on the main college website page, Students have to pre-register for the course by using the pre-registration link on our page. Students will be notified once they are registered.  Student are required to use their RCC email. A link to those instructions is listed below. Courses will be open for enrollment for every 45 days. Hazardous Materials Refresher and Blood Borne Pathogens Refresher classes are required training for all first responders. Hybrid Vehicles familiarizes the first responder with electric vehicles, which are becoming more common on the nation’s roadways.  All classes are designed as credits for yearly training objectives.

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Any questions or concerns, call the training center.