Robeson Community College

Calendar Guidelines & How-To

In order to be…

  • Featured on the outdoor marquee
  • Facebook Event on the main RCC page
  • Featured in Robeson Wrap-Up newsletter
  • Featured on the RCC App
  • Sent via a campus-wide email

..the event must be on the Master Calendar first.

Submitting an Event

  1. Visit
  2. Fill out the necessary fields. 
  3. Ensure the location is confirmed and cleared with the manager of that facility.
  4. Director of Marketing & Communications will review and make a decision on approval. 
  5. If approved, the event will be added to the Master Calendar. 

What happens when I submit my event?
Your event will not automatically publish; it goes into a queue where the Marketing & Communications will review it to ensure it meets guidelines for publication. Listings that do not meet the guidelines will be rejected along with an explanation of why. Please allow up to two business days for your event to be approved or rejected.

Do I have to add a photo? What happens if I don’t?
A photo increases the chance viewers will pay attention to your listing. We recommend including an image that reflects the nature of your event -- a photo of the guest speaker, activity, etc. If you do not have a photo to accompany your listing, you can browse our library of images to see if one is suitable.

How can I get my event featured?
Marketing & Communications decides which events to feature based on relevance and date. 

What do all the filters mean? How do I know the right ones to pick?
Choose the options from the drop-down menus that best reflect the nature of your event. The calendar editor will determine whether they are accurate and make appropriate changes.

What type of events are suitable for the calendar?
RCC centered events open to audiences including students, faculty/staff and the general public. Events geared toward exclusive audiences, such as members of particular clubs or departments, are not suitable for this calendar. To be considered for the calendar, events must also be held on an RCC campus or involve members of the RCC community.

What if I need help?
Please submit an IT Help Desk ticket if you have questions or need help submitting an event.