Robeson Community College

Sisters Graduate Together, Earn Associates Degrees at RCC

When Caitlin Smith started her studies in 2019 at Robeson Community College, she had no idea that in a few years she would be graduating at the same time as her sister, Erin Smith.

“I never thought we would finish together,” said Caitlin who is two years older than her sister.  “But it’s sweet, I am so proud to see her graduate.”

Erin echoes those same sentiments, saying “It’s really awesome that we went to the same school, I’m glad that she did something that she is very passionate about.”

Caitlin and Erin Smith, with their mother, Sheila.

Erin had started attending RCC a year earlier than Caitlin in 2018. She wasn’t sure of what to major in until her Mom, Sheila Smith who just happens to be the Director of the Nurse Aide program at RCC, told her about the Radiography program that was available.

“I was always interested in healthcare,” said Erin. “When my Mom told me about the program, I did job shadowing before I actually started, and I really enjoyed it.”

Erin Smith, a 2021 Radiography Technology graduate of Robeson Community College, hopes to work in X-ray or CT. 

In 2019, Erin started the Radiography program and has now completed the requirements for an associate of applied science degree in that field. She plans on continuing her studies this summer and fall at RCC to obtain another credential that will qualify her to work in Computed Tomography Scans or more commonly known as CT scans.

“I plan on getting a job in x-ray or CT,” Erin stated as she looks towards the future.

Caitlin has also completed an associate of applied science, but her degree is in cosmetology.

“I always wanted to do hair ever since I was 15 years old, I just fell in love with it,” proclaimed Caitlin.

Caitlin has already become employed at a salon and is now calling North Myrtle Beach home.

“I had a great opportunity to come down here. The owner said that she would train me on everything that I needed to know,” Caitlin shared.

Caitlin Smith, a 2021 cosmetology graduate from RCC, works at a salon in North Myrtle Beach.

Caitlin credits her quick ability to gain employment to the quality of education that she received from the instructors she had in the cosmetology program.

 “I had heard that the cosmetology instructors were awesome, so I went and I found it to be very true, they are some of the best.”

Caitlin and Erin both chose RCC because it was in their hometown of Lumberton, but also because of the value they received.

“The price is great,” said Erin.

As for advice that they would offer other students, Erin says “Definitely be patient in class. Definitely study. Be outgoing. Ask questions. Study hard.”

 “And you have got to be willing to learn,” adds Caitlin. “It is hard work, it is a lot of hard work.”

Erin has hopes of getting a job in Fayetteville working in a hospital or for an orthopedic office. She might even consider taking a job in Myrtle Beach to be closer to her sister and have a chance to live along the coast.

“I would love it if we could live together here,” said Caitlin, who hopes to one day open up her own salon. “I have no set plans, but that’s a goal of mine.”