Robeson Community College

Shortage Leads to New Partnership Between RCC and PSRC

Towns and communities across North Carolina are in need of more firefighters, as the number of volunteer firefighters is steadily decreasing. The shortage of those trained in fire technology could impact the life and safety of the communities served by those firefighters, and that impact could be felt in Lumberton and Robeson County if the downward trend continues.

With that said, Robeson Community College is proud to announce a new partnership with the Public Schools of Robeson County. RCC will be providing instruction for the Fire Technology program at the PSRC Career Center. This program is designed for junior and senior high school students who wish to pursue a career as a volunteer or a career firefighter in North Carolina.

“We are glad to partner with the Public Schools of Robeson County,” said Robert Ivey, director of fire and rescue training at RCC. “Anything that we can do to get more young people interested in a career in fire science, the better.”

Course structure allows certification in multiple fire classes, with the exception of fire control. Classes will consist of classroom and hands on training. Successful completion of the fire technology program will provide two credits per course for graduation.

“This is a great opportunity for our students,” said Herman Locklear, CTE Director with the Public Schools of Robeson County. “The exposure to training these students will receive in this career field will give them the knowledge they need to be successful, and what we gain as a community in terms of volunteer and career firefighters will help fill the gaps in places where shortages exist.” 

The classes will be taught at the PSRC Career Center.  

“We hope that we will have many students sign up for these classes,” said Eric Freeman, associate vice president for continuing education and workforce development at RCC. “CCP classes are free for high school students and this is their chance to gain new skills that will only help them as they graduate and enter the workforce.”

Interested students should contact their school counselor or CCP advisor for more information. Classes will begin on August 23.