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Robeson Community College signs Strategic Regional Partnership with Fayetteville Tech

Robeson Community College signed a Strategic Regional Partnership agreement with Fayetteville Technical Community College on Tuesday. The agreement will allow RCC students an opportunity to compete for seats in the Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene, and Funeral Service Education programs at FTCC. Each program at Fayetteville Tech is highly sought after and very competitive.

“This is an unprecedented signing today,” RCC President Melissa Singler stated. “We are partnering with one of our sister institutions, Fayetteville Technical Community College. We are just really excited for this opportunity. We know this is going to be a perfect fit for our college and provide many opportunities for our students.”

The agreement acknowledges that FTCC will reserve six seats in each cohort of its Dental Assisting program and four seats in each cohort of the Dental Hygiene program for Robeson Community College students. Also as part of the agreement, RCC will work cooperatively to inform students of the FTCC Funeral Services Education program and its admission requirements.

“Thank you all for having us here… Robeson Community College is one of our Great 58, and one of the finest community colleges in the Southeast,” stated FTCC President Dr. Mark Sorrells. “My philosophy is that we are better working together than we are working separate.”

RCC and FTCC announced that this is not the only collaborative effort and that there would be more forthcoming in the future.

“These are not the only programs that President Singler and I are working on,” Sorrells said. “Another will be in our truck driving training program as well as the heavy-duty mechanic program.”

Sorrells called the signing today, “an opportunity to create a win-win situation for both colleges.”

But Singler pointed out that these types of agreements don’t just happen overnight.

“I do want to thank our team,” RCC President Melissa Singler said. “They have done the heavy lifting on this, they are the ones who have gone to meetings, going over the curriculum and making sure this was a good fit for Robeson Community College.”

“Thank you for all the work you have done to make this possible for our students,” Singler stated.

To learn more about the strategic regional partnership programs with Fayetteville Tech, please call RCC’s Dean of University Transfer and Health Sciences, Scott Lamm, at 910-272-3517 or


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