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Rempac Foam joins forces with Robeson Community College

Rempac Foam, an industry leader for over 60 years in converted flexible foam products, has joined forces with Robeson Community College’s Customized Training Division. The company recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Robeson Community College for a three-year Customized Training Project. 

“On behalf of Robeson Community College, we would like to congratulate Rempac Foam of Lumberton, NC on becoming a customized training program client,” stated Angela Locklear, a coordinator for customized training solutions at RCC.”We look forward to working with Rempac Foam and assisting them in the healthy growth of their company.” 

Customized Training is offered exclusively through the North Carolina Community College System. It provides education, training, and support services for new, expanding and existing business and industry in North Carolina.

Businesses meet with training experts and coordinators through the program who work in partnership with employers to tailor training to meet specific needs. The ultimate purpose of customized training is to spur job growth, technology investment, and productivity enhancement.

 The specialized programs offered through Customized Training are innovative, putting North Carolina in the spotlight as being one workforce friendly, as it was one of the first states to offer a program of this magnitude.

“We have a long history of working with companies to provide relevant training while increasing the capacity of our workforce,” stated Locklear. “The Customized Training program is provided to Rempac Foam by the North Carolina General Assembly and the North Carolina Community College System. Robeson Community College administers the support funds for the project.”

 The training offered through Customized Training is available at no cost, pending that the company meets all the eligibility requirements.

For more information on Customized Training solutions, please contact the Dr. Joshua Locklear, the Director of NC Customized Training and Workforce Development at Robeson Community College.