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RCC’s Truck Driving Academy Up and Running

Like the song by Willie Nelson, truck driving students at RCC can’t wait to get on the road again.

The Truck Driving and CDL Academy at Robeson Community College is now officially up and running.

The college received a generous donation from Mountaire Farms earlier this year, in which the company donated two-day cabs.

“This donation was needed greatly and has allowed the program to get off the ground,” said Cassidy Campbell, the director of workforce development and customized training at RCC. “Without that donation, I think we would still be at square one.”

In addition to the two-day cabs, RCC has also recently purchased a sleeper cab, which will allow more students to be trained as the classes head out on the road for driving lessons.

To bring more awareness to the program, the new truck has been wrapped with a custom design and was just unveiled this week. 

“We wanted the truck to stand out, we think it’s very eye-catching” said Cassidy Campbell, the director of workforce development and customized training at RCC. “It helps show off our school colors and our school pride.”

The 400-hour program is currently equipped to run 5-day classes per year and 2 night classes per year.  The day class is currently running and the night class will begin July 18.

“This program is in high demand, said Cassidy. “We currently have a waiting list of 40 students… if we could get another sleeper cab, we could definitely double our enrollment and offer more classes…. We would have no problem filling the classes.”  

The program at RCC offers a lot for those seeking to obtain their CDL’s.

“During the last week of classes, we will make arrangements for our students to take the driving test in our truck and trailer, using our equipment,” said Braxton Ballard, the CDL and truck driving instructor at RCC. “Students can test in an automatic or with a manual truck…those who test in the manual truck will be qualified to drive either type.”

Braxton says he’s hoping to make the truck driving program at RCC one of the best in the state.

“I’m building this from the ground up,” said Braxton. “I want it to be the best and I hope to see the entire parking lot full of trucks and trailers one day.”

The new truck will be featured this weekend in the Lumbee Homecoming parade.

“There’s just a few more finishing touches we need to make,” said Braxton. “Then it will be ready for Saturday.”

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