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RCC’s BLET program graduates 14 cadets

Earlier this week, fourteen cadets graduated from the Basic Law Enforcement Training program at Robeson Community College. 

Trina Marie Carter, Christopher Blake Conner, Sammy Douglas Freeman, Jeremiah Isaiah Hunt, Meghan Nicole Locklear, Andrew Stephen Malone, Giovanny Gomez Nevarez, Imani Nicola Noteman, Ashton Blake Oxendine, Kenston Devon Oxendine, Josiah Stevan Radakovich, Nataly Vega Schwarz, Jeffery Alexander Shaw, and Zachary Townsend Vickers all received their BLET certifications Tuesday night during a special ceremony dedicated to celebrating their passage into a career in law enforcement. 

“Tonight marks a significant milestone for our cadets,” stated Matt Dimery, the program director of law enforcement programs at RCC. “As these cadets prepare to embark upon their careers…they will face challenges and experiences that many of us can only imagine… let us celebrate the dedication, perseverance, and commitment of these graduates.”

As Dimery addressed the audience, he said, “The Basic Law Enforcement Training program is no small feat.”

“These cadets have dedicated themselves to completing a rigorous 677-hour curriculum in just four months,” Dimery said. “Within that time frame, they have delved into 36 different topics, each accompanied by end-of-block exams that they must pass to progress. From lectures to practical exercises, they have honed their skills in shooting, driving, and handling traffic stops, among other crucial aspects of law enforcement.”

Cadets also heard from guest speaker, Burnis Wilkins, the Sheriff of Robeson County. 

“We all know this is a challenging time for law enforcement,” stated Wilkins.

“I appreciate the fact that you chose a career in law enforcement,” Wilkins said. “A career in which you will receive … criticism….A career that isn’t about pay….A career in which you will leave home and not know if you will return. A career in which you will have to make split-second decisions.”

“You will become an integral part of the criminal justice system and help shape how the public views our profession,” Wilkins said. “Don’t let the naysayers sway your judgment from doing what is right… always do what is right.”

Several awards were given out to recognize the achievements of students.  

Giovanny Gomez received the “TOP GUN,” “TOP DRIVER,” and the Outstanding Academic Excellent awards. 

The physical fitness award was presented to Josiah Stevan Radakovich.  

Meghan Nicole Locklear received the Jeremiah Goodson Scholarship and Trina Marie Carter was awarded the Jason Quick Scholarship.

The ceremony included an invocation by the Chief of the Lumberton Police Department Michael McNeill, the posting of colors by the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office Honor Guard and the singing of the National Anthem by Hollis McNeill, Joseph Kitchens, and Seth Thompson, and a speech from BLET Cadet Andrew Milone.


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