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RCC Truck Driving Academy adds 15 drivers to workforce

Robeson Community College’s CDL and Truck Driving Academy recently added 15 new drivers to the workforce. The students completed the requirements for the training and obtained their CDL, making them eligible for many new opportunities in the transportation industry.

“We congratulate these students on their achievements,” stated RCC President Melissa Singler. “We also thank them for choosing Robeson Community College as their source for training in a lucrative career choice that pays well and has great benefits.”

Brandon Hunt, Britton Spaulding, Christopher Lee, Christopher Littles, Edward Green, Kimberle Grant, Leroy Hardin, Luis Estrada, Miranda Rogers, Ricky Suckoo, Ronald Brutus, Shawn Locklear, Steven Crowley, Tezhawn McIntyre, and Vincent Mceachern all completed the program.

Graduates were presented with a certificate and also received a free gift bag from Mountaire Farms, who has been instrumental in getting the CDL/Truck Driving program off the ground and up and running. During the ceremony, students were able to speak to representatives from Mountaire Farms about employment opportunities and get a better understanding of the company itself.

“This graduation just shows how everything has come full-circle,” stated Vice President Eric Freeman. “Mountaire Farms donated our first trucks, giving us the momentum to get the program off the ground and running, and now they are employing our students and filling job vacancies during a nationwide shortage of drivers.”

“The CDL and truck driving academy continues to grow and thrive,” stated program director Braxton Ballard. “We are so proud of these students and we know that they will go on to make a good living wage so they can provide for their families.”

New classes in truck driving are starting soon. If you are interested in registering for an upcoming CDL/Truck Driving Class, please contact Braxton Ballard at 910-272-3661 or


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