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RCC to launch NCDOT Highway Construction Trade Academy in March

Robeson Community College is excited to announce that it will launch a free, highway construction trade academy in March in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

“This program is a grant-based opportunity that was awarded to Robeson Community College,” stated Dr. Joshua Locklear, the director of NCWorks Customized Training and Workforce Development for RCC. “It must be operated under the criteria established by the NCDOT.” 

The training will be offered at no cost to those who qualify, and will provide individuals with highway construction-related skills in order to equip them for employment opportunities in the construction and transportation trades.

With the widening of I-95 in Robeson County, as well as other high profile construction projects across the State of North Carolina, this training is right on time and offers students an opportunity to quickly gain skills and transition to employment opportunities available. 

“Successful completers would be qualified to seek employment with most construction companies and NCDOT affiliates at an entry-level position, such as a general laborer,” Locklear stated. “Registration occurs through NCDOT, but the class will be held on RCC’s main campus in Lumberton.” 

Interested in learning more?

The academy will begin on March 18 and will run until April 19, meeting daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. To register, please contact the NCDOT at 919-814-4920 or email