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RCC to host Opioid Crisis Community Forum

Robeson Community College in collaboration with NCGrowth and the UNC Center for Business Health invites the public to participate in the 1st Opioid Crisis and Abatement Settlement Funds Community Forum.

The forum will take place on February 15 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in the Sammy Cox Law Enforcement Training Center, building 11, in the new expanded classroom space that opened up in January.

The event aims to serve as an open forum to discuss the opioid crisis and explore local strategies and decision-making processes for abatement. Organizers hope to create a policy playbook, informed by community dialogue, which will assist state and local government agencies and communities in making well-informed decisions regarding settlement fund use.

“North Carolina is poised to receive 1.5 billion from a series of national opioid settlements,” according to a press release from NC Growth. “85% of funds are going directly to local communities, the allocated funds will be channeled into supporting a variety of essential programs and services across the state, including treatment and recovery initiatives harm reduction strategies and other vital efforts aimed at saving lives.”

The community forums set out to –

  • Engage local stakeholders – clinicians, counselors, health professionals, local government officials, and workers in treatment and prevention
  • Offer conducive environment for communities to forge and discuss strategic approaches to the crisis
  • Document successful practices and strategies
  • Develop a comprehensive policy playbook that incorporates the diverse viewpoints of those directly affected by the opioid crisis.

Anyone interested in attending must RSVP prior to arriving at