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RCC releases first edition of SOAR magazine

Robeson Community College recently published its first edition of SOAR magazine, a new publication that features student success stories and projects completed by students.

“We hope this magazine will help inspire you,” stated RCC President Melissa Singler. “Education is transformational. Education gives you confidence to know that you can achieve your dreams. Education allows you to reach further than what you thought was possible.”

The first edition features stories on RCC Alum Hannah Pearson, Dr. Ross Masters, and Christian Williams and includes recipes from culinary arts, original works of poetry, and the complete 2024 Spring Curriculum schedule.

“There are endless success stories across our campus,” Singler said. “And, there’s always room for more success stories… please come join us and start your success story today.”

The magazine was a collaborative effort with contributions from Wendy Fields, Sherry Lofton, Scotty Thompson, Joni Thomas, James Ingram, Lisa Steffes, Jennifer Thomas, Kenneth Stubbs, Brad Byrd, Mary Ransom, Courtney Jacobs, President Singler, Rebecca Watkins, Vanessa Singletary, Lettie Navarrete, Jamie Wilkins, April Locklear, Sally Carr, Tami George, Polly Oxendine, Terry Jackson, LaRonda Lowery, the RCC Bookstore, and Cheryl Hemric. 

More than 10,000 copies were mailed out to households across Robeson County. If you did not receive a copy in the mail, an electronic version is available online, just click the graphic below.