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RCC recognizes National IT Professionals Day

The IT department at Robeson Community College often works quietly in the background, ensuring that everything is operational and without fail, which is why we wanted to highlight them for their work, dedication, and customer service on this National IT Professionals Day, September 19, 2023.

“They are the unsung heroes of the campus,” RCC President Melissa Singler said. “They work when we are sleeping, they work late nights and, on the weekend, – you may not even realize it, but they are there, ensuring that our information systems are up and running for our students, faculty, and staff.” 

The department is made up of eight team members – Jonathan Edwards, Bradley Stocks, Eric Whicker, Justin Gaughan, Percell Hunt, Jeremy Cummings, Derek Miller and Dustin Long.

“I appreciate their talents and skills,” stated Derek Miller, the Director of Technology, of his staff. “I thank each of them for bringing their talents to Robeson Community College.”

“We understand that technology is ever-changing and that people often get frustrated, so customer-service is a big part of our job… but we are excited about what we do each and every day,” Miller said.

Dustin Long, the Vice President of Information Technology, says that technology is a big part of a student’s overall experience.

“Everything that we do as a college uses technology,” stated Long. “From registering a student to taking payment to communicating, technology plays a role in all of it, and it’s our job to make sure it all works properly to ensure student success.”

The IT Department often gets rave reviews about its customer service.

“They helped me with an issue I was having with my account,” said one student. “I was so frustrated and ready to give up, but the resolved everything and just made my day.”

“They are so friendly and nice,” said another. “I thank them for all the times they have helped me with my connectivity issues.”

“I feel like they really care and that they love what they do,” a staff member stated. “They will stop what they are doing to assist you and they always have a solution to your technology problems.”

“Happy National IT Professionals Day,” President Singler said. “You are one of the most loved departments on campus and we recognize you for all your efforts, hard work, and dedication to Robeson Community College…. Thank you for keeping Robeson Community College online and secure.”