Robeson Community College

RCC Now Accepting Massage Therapy Appointments

Now is the time to get a therapeutic massage at Robeson Community College. The Massage Therapy Department at RCC is now accepting appointments for 1-hour sessions. Sessions are available on Mondays and Thursdays and cost $20 per 1-hour session. Individuals can also book an hour session on Saturday, May 22 or Saturday, June 12. 

There are several reasons to get a massage, including many health benefits such as:  

  • Reduces stress and increases relaxation
  • Reduces pain, muscle soreness, and tension
  • Improves circulation, energy, and alertness
  • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • Improved immune function

Massage Therapy has also proven beneficial for helping with the long-term effects of those who have recovered from COVID-19, according to a study by John Hopkins University. It is also beneficial for those who suffer from other chronic illnesses such as cancer, high blood pressure, lower back pain, insomnia, carpel tunnel, arthritis, depression, and more.

Massages are performed by RCC students and count towards their requirements for completion of the massage therapy program. The massage labs are located at the ComTech Campus, 124 Livermore Drive in Pembroke, NC. To book an appointment, patrons can visit this link:

For those interested in becoming a massage therapist, the next Massage Therapy class will begin August 9, 2021 at the ComTech Campus. The class will meet from 8:30am – 3:30pm on Monday and Tuesday until June 20, 2022. A high school diploma or GED is required to be considered for entry into the program. Successful completion of the massage therapy program will allow individuals to take the licensure exam offered by the North Carolina Body of Massage and Bodywork Therapy. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Christy Locklear at 910-272-3609 or

massage therapy now accepting appointments