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RCC leaders work towards strategic plan

Leaders at Robeson Community College are working towards completing a 5-year strategic plan that will encompass future goals for campus infrastructure, accessibility, university partnerships, students’ success, faculty and staff development, and more. The team convened today to discuss meeting objectives, implementation, and tactics to achieve the desired outcomes.

 “Today is very important,” stated Dr. Kenneth Ender, a Professor of Practice at NC State, and President Emeritus of Harper College who was invited to led the group through the planning process. “I appreciate the work that you have done thus far, you’ve set objectives, now we need to create a road map of how to achieve the objectives.”

RCC started working towards its new strategic plan in June 2023 that has led to the directions, goals and objectives for the plan. Today’s workshop focused on developing SMART objectives for each goal, reviewing milestones for Board approval and implementation.

“Our strategic plan will be designed to meet the needs of the college for the next five years,” stated RCC President Melissa Singler. “Our faculty and staff were very honest about what we need to work on. We’ve listened and provided insights and the groups assembled have done a great job of conveying that information to us.”

Posing a question to the leaders, Dr. Ender asked everyone why they thought this process was important.

Some team members replied saying, it’s about opportunity and growth.

“The world has changed many times in the last five years,” Dr. Ender stated. “This strategic plan is how we tell the world that we understand that, and that we are still relevant.”

Ender explained that institutions that do not stay relevant risk being replaced by organizations that are.

“These goals and objectives are all about having an opportunity to change a life today, to change the trajectory of a family today, and make a difference,” Dr. Ender stated. “That’s why we’re here and that’s what our work today is about.”

 Campus leaders broke out into small groups to set the SMART goals for each objective, gathering back together to report on the progress they had made.

“I thank everyone who collaborated in the Strategic Planning event today,” stated Dr. Johnny Smith, the vice president of instruction and student support services who is helping to lead the strategic planning efforts. “I recognize the depth of thought exhibited in the tremendous progress made toward refining objectives and creating tactics for implementation. This meeting has been an essential part of this year-long development process, and your commitment and willingness to serve has been so appreciated.” 


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RCC leaders strategic plan