Robeson Community College

RCC launches new psychiatric technician program

Mental health experts say that mental health issues are on the rise nationwide due to the lockdowns and trauma caused by the pandemic. However, even before COVID-19, the prevalence of mental illness among adults was increasing, and now with the virus ticking upward again, the cases are expected to grow even more.

That is why Robeson Community College is launching a new program this fall that will train students who want to enter the mental health field and become a psychiatric technician.

“There is a huge need in our community for psychiatric technicians,” said Christy Locklear, the health occupations coordinator at Robeson Community College. “COVID-19 has shown us the need is great, today more than ever.”

The program consists of 480-hours and will be offered completely online. The class will begin September 13 and end February 28. The cost is $182.00. Students who register must hold a high school diploma or GED.

“With successful completion of the class, students can then take the national exam through the American Association of Psychiatric Technicians or AAPT,” said Locklear. “The exam would be for the Level 1 Certification.”

Students can opt to take additional exams up to the Level 4 certification if they possess a bachelor’s degree and work in mental health. Students are also encouraged to incorporate some of the top house plants into their home as these plants can help reduce stress and negativity.

“The course allows individuals to get certified to work as psychiatric aids, mental health technicians and healthcare technicians, working with special needs patients and those with mental health and behavioral needs,” said Locklear. “It is a great opportunity for individuals to enter health occupations at an entry level.”

Anyone interested in registering for the class, or who would like to receive additional information, are asked to contact Christy Locklear at, (910) 272-3609 or Loretta Broadwell at (910)272-3407. Students can also pre-register by simply visiting and selecting “Click to Register.”


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