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“RCC Huddle” hailed a major success

RCC’s Madness in March continues with a “March Huddle,” making the case – and a slam dunk ­– for programs at Robeson Community College.

Joni Thomas

“Today is a day we showcase our campus and the things we have to offer,” stated Joni Thomas, the director of humanities and social sciences. “We are proud of the programs we have and the partnerships we have established, and we want to share them with our community, the Public Schools of Robeson County, and our current students.”

All six high schools from Robeson County, as well as the Early College, were in attendance for the special huddle, which included RCC Admissions Officers and Advisors, University Transfer Faculty Members, RCC Counselors, PSRC Counselors, RCC clubs and organizations, and representatives from NC State, UNC Pembroke, UNC, UNCW, ECU, Fayetteville State University, Methodist University, and Lees-McRae University.

“Our goal is for PSRC students, as well as those in our community, to understand that there are programs in their home community… that they can stay here and receive a great education,” Thomas said. “That’s the main reason for holding information sessions so students can understand what is available as they seek the education necessary to prepare for a good career.”

Selena Jackson, a junior at Lumberton High School, wanted to see what options were available for college.

Selena Jackson, a junior at Lumberton High School, talks with RCC officials during the RCC March Huddle to get a preview of what college life will be like.

“I wanted to get a little look at the campus, I plan on coming here and taking radiography,” Jackson said. “So far, I have liked being here, everybody has been so friendly, I have learned a lot.”

Students were provided a tour of the campus, getting a behind-the-scene look at classrooms and labs that were in session. Students also had an opportunity to meet with representatives from RCC and its University Transfer partners during the Huddle. RCC officials say that there were at least 125 high school students in attendance for the event, like Timothy Oxendine and Kamau Christopher.

Kamau Christopher, right, watches as his friend Timothy Oxendine adds his name to the recruiter list at Lees-McRae University during the March Huddle at Robeson Community College.

Christopher and Oxendine are both enrolled at the RCC Early College, in the 9th and 10th grade, respectively. Both students say today’s event helps give them a new perspective on the options available.

“It definitely opens up a lot of opportunity and could help a lot of people like me,” Christopher said, who is undecided on what career path to take. “I’m still not 100% sure at this time of what I want to do.”

“I talked to UNCP and Lees-McCrae,” Oxendine stated. “I plan on talking to all of them before I leave.”

Oxendine wants to go into engineering or architecture, and says today’s event was nice.

“I like it,” Oxendine said. “I’m still not sure where I want to go to college, so this is a good event to have.”

Currently enrolled students like Raven Lock and Karina Regino also took time out of their day to participate in the ‘March Huddle.’

RCC students Raven Lock and Karina Regino attend the March Huddle at Robeson Community College with hopes of learning about opportunities available for their future, as they work towards their career goals of becoming registered nurses.

“I am hoping to get into the ADN program at RCC,” said Raven, who is currently taking university transfer classes.  

“I just got here, but so far, so good,” Raven stated as she waited in line to meet with representatives from UNCP.

Regino is also seeking to become a registered nurse.

“I am currently working on my pre-reqs for nursing,” Regino stated. “I think this is a good event, I’m able to talk to many students and college representatives at one specific time and in one place.”

As hundreds of students from across campus and PSRC continued to pour into the Truist Center at Robeson Community College, it became evident that the Huddle was indeed a major success.

“We are very pleased with the turnout,” stated Thomas. “We appreciate the support from the Public Schools of Robeson County, our community, and from across our campus. We hope to continue this event each year.”



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