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2024 Commencement at RCC, historic, record-breaking with 407 graduates

The 2024 commencement ceremonies at Robeson Community College will go down in the history books as record-breaking with 407 graduates walking across the stage to receive degrees, diplomas. 

“Today we celebrate not just the culmination of years of hard work, but also the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your lives,” stated RCC President Melissa Singler as she addressed the Class of 2024. 

“You’ve reached a significant milestone in your life, one that signifies not just academic achievement but also your readiness to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead,” Singler told graduates. “The road ahead may not always be smooth, and there will be challenges that test your resolve and determination, but remember, you are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and resilience to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.”

“Embrace every opportunity to learn and grow and never lose sight of your dreams and aspirations,” Singler added. 

Giving a charge to the graduates, commencement speaker Lieutenant Colonel Lindsay D. Freeman of the United States Air Force commended students saying, “It is your hard work and dedication that has brought us all here today.”

“As we gather here to celebrate your achievements, I am reminded of the immense dedication and perseverance that has brought each of you to this moment,” Freeman said. “Your journey through this remarkable institution has been marked by late nights of studying, moments of self-discovery, and the forging of lifelong friendships.”

Freeman provided three important, but simple rules that would help the graduates navigate through the road ahead. 

“First, take a bite out of the soup sandwich,” Freeman said. “In the military, we lovingly refer to anything that is chaotic, unorganized, uncomfortable, or unfamiliar to us as a soup sandwich… taking a bit out of that sandwich means to embrace that change or uncertainty head on and grow through it.”

‘Soup Sandwiches’ Freeman said, could present themselves in various ways – a missed promotion, a derailment of goals, or setbacks in your personal life. 

As Freeman pointed out, the Class of 2024 has already had its share of ‘soup sandwiches’ and knows how to overcome them. 

“One of the key things that stands out about this class is that you were the first to experience RCC student life in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic… alone of the most chaotic times in recent human history,” Freeman says. “Flexibility is the key.. we must remain flexible and adaptive to change to be successful.” 

Freeman’s second rule was “Roll call is always mandatory.”

“It’s important that we know who’s with us on our mission, that we know each other personally and know their stories and what each capability, skillset, or strength that each person brings to the table,” Freeman told. “Your presence, your story is needed.”

The third rule Freeman provided was “Always check your six.”

“When we give positional references in the military, we always orient ourselves on a clock, as if we’re facing 12 o’clock, which means 6 o’clock is always behind us,” Freeman said. “If someone says, ‘I’ve got your six’ it simply means, they’ve got your back, they’re supporting you, protecting you, they’re in your corner. And to ‘check your six’ simply means to look behind you.”

“When you reach those milestones… take the time to stop, sit down in a quiet place, and check your six,” Freeman said. “Take the time to pause, be still, and reflect back on what you’ve just accomplished.”

Of the 407 graduates, 231 applied science degrees were awarded, 47 associate of science degrees were conferred, 38 earned an associate of arts degree, one opted for the associate of general education, 28 completed a diploma within a curriculum program of study and 62 obtained their high school diploma.

“Graduates, it is with great honor that I extend sincere congratulations to each of you on behalf of the entire Board for your exceptional achievements,” stated Shirley Stockton, chair of the RCC Board of Trustees. “We share in the joy of reaching this significant milestone with you… we applaud your commitment to education and the path that awaits you, your decision to entrust Robeson Community College with your journey toward success is deeply appreciated.”

“May God continue to shower blessings upon your pursuits as you chase your dreams and ambitions,” Stockton added. 

Also offering congratulations were Executive Vice President Eric Freeman and Chief Academic Officer Dr. Johnny Smith. 

“Congratulations to the Class of 2024,” Freeman said. “You have studied long nights and worked hard to achieve your success. Today is your day and we celebrate your accomplishments along with your family and friends.”

“Congratulations graduates,” Smith said. “You have worked tirelessly to reach this milestone and your success is a testament to your perseverance and commitment to your education. You have proven to yourselves that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.”

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Class of 2024

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Sequoia Shonta Allen
Carlos  Almazo-Flores
Abraham  Avila Castrejon
Eleen Y. Badillo
Hayden Rendo Bailey
Ashlyn Taylor Baney
Gearyline Kay Barton
Lyndsi Nicole Barton
Lyndsi Nicole Barton
Marleika Deloris Baxter
Jared Duane Bell
Julio Cesar Bello
Madyson Nicole Boggs
Mindie Mae Bowman
Kyra Nicole Boyce
Jamia Shantel Bratcher
Daniel De Jesus Bravo
Harley Madison Brixey
Michael Randall Bryan
Corrine  Bryant
Dustin Allan Bryant
Jamie Lynn Burgess
Wisemene  Cajuste
Alanna Feliciano Campbell
Dustin Craig Canady
Nicolle Julieth Cardenas Mosquera
Milagros  Cardenas-Escobar
Katina  Carter
Roberto Carmen Castro
Roberto Carmen Castro
Andrew Bryan Cavenaugh
Amanda Lee Chavis
Bryan Keith Chavis
Deremiah Justin Chavis
Lydia Jeria Chavis
Megan Estelle Chavis
Micah Dean Chavis
Timothy  Chavis
Ivan Varela Chinos
Alexis Danelia Clark
Cheyenne Carol Clark
Caleb S. Collins
Christopher Blake Connor
Chelsea Lynn Cook
Kelly Ann Council
Taylor Grace Council
Caleb E. Cox
Jeremy G. Cummings
Lydia Em Cummings
Ambur Lea Dauphinee
Rhonda Michele Davis
Taylor Lynn Davis
Tyler Celine Dial
Gabriel Alejandro Diaz Hau
Justin Tyler Fann
Cassie E. Farmer-Kulesza
Donavon Earl Fields
Felicia Elizabeth Fisher
Makenna Leigh Fitzwater
Destinee Noelle Fletcher
Bernise  Flores
Greyson Kyler Floyd
Holly  Floyd
Brittany Barnhill Fonvielle
Lena Denise Franks
Xanna Lee Freeman
Joanna  Gallegos De La Luz
Jennifer  Garcia Cruz
Haley Nicole Gillespie
Shylah Danielle Godwin
Jayda B. Gonzales
Samantha Megan Grant
Wendy Quick Gray
Adrian M. Hall
Bethanie Morgan Hammonds
Brianna Tamia Hampton
Adriana A. Hernandez
Amanda Angeline Hierl
Hannah Maria Hopkins
Ashley  Hunt
Chance L. Hunt
Christian Dakota Ray Hunt
Colin Deen Hunt
Courtney Olivia Hunt
Elijah Derek Hunt
Gavin Blake Hunt
Jonna T. Hunt
Malorie Patrice Hunt
Nakiyah Alexus Hunt
Solomon Shane Hunt
Tinera Marie Hunt
William Allen Hunt
Tuishan Emere Jackson
Anthony Leon Jacobs
Brittany Ann Jacobs
Emily Lynn Jacobs
Emily Lynn Jacobs
Gregory Lee Jacobs, Jr.
David  Jimenez-Campos
Hollie Marissa Johnson
Reagan Celeste Johnson
Alexis Alora Jones
Betty Hunt Jones
Eric Christopher Jones
Lashawn Marie Jones
Meghan Elizabeth Jones
Nicole Marie Jones
Rebecca Delane Jones
Melvin E. Juarez Jeronimo
Kelcey Taylor Lawson
Johna’ Jennifer Lewis
Shania Dion Lewis
Chyme Lynne Lias
Briana Rene Locklear
Brianna Lauren Locklear
Brianna Nicole Locklear
Bridget  Locklear
Connor Samuel Locklear
Dayla Makayla Marie Locklear
Jasmaine Takeya Locklear
Katelyn Brooke Locklear
Katrina Renee Locklear
Khristona Leona Locklear
Lindsey Miranda Locklear
Megan Lee Locklear
Megan Michelle Locklear
Nora Lynn Locklear
Savanna  Locklear
Sequoia Dawn Locklear
Sheena Lynn Locklear
Sierra Rena Locklear
Taylor Scott Locklear
Telisa Wynette Locklear
Cheyanne Jordan Lowery
James P. Lucas
Maya Dawn Madrigal
Jessica Mae Malcolm
Madison Elaine McCain
Olivia Mariea McCollum
Jehaziel Juarez McEachern
Danielle  McIver
Jordan Amari McKinnon
Cassandra Elaine McLeod
Kimberly Danielle McMillan
Amber Nicole McNeill
Kiersten Le Anne McPherson
Shayla Ann McRae
Maryellen Nicole Meaut
Kenny Josue Mejia Ramirez
Noelia  Mojarro Pevia
Eduardo  Montero-Rodriguez
Eduardo  Montero-Rodriguez
Candice Nichel Morgan
Sierra Lynn Mullin
Cheemaa Saif Obaid
Dania R. Ortiz Velasquez
Brianna Nicole Oxendine
Heather Gray Oxendine
Justin A. Oxendine
Kasey Chanel Oxendine
Layah Elena Oxendine
Marlena Danielle Faye Oxendine
Skyler Victoria Oxendine
Makenna Rose Parnell
Rosaicela  Parra Navarrete
Jessica Elaine Patterson
Heather A. Perritte
Benjamin Naz Petersen
Benita J. Peterson
Carl Anthony Pevia
Echo Paige Quig
Zeydi Vanesa Regino Diaz
Stinston L. Revels
Brooke S. Reynolds
Dolly Lynn Rice
Latasha Lynn Rice
Loratte Lynn Rice
Scarlett Michelle Richards
Jayshawn A. Richardson
Dytrell L. Roberts
Joshua Caleb Rogers
Leah Gail Roller
Shon Austin Saleem
Atzel Guadalupe Salvador-Gonzalez
Kimberly  Sanchez-Sanchez
Claine Anthony Santana
Cambyl Alana Scott
Chaydon Layne Scott
Ronald Lee Scott
Shelia  Sealey
Bobby Rylan Seals
Ruth Marie Seals
Ruth Marie Seals
Alexia Jackson Simmons
Jessica Lynn Smiling
Aaron Joshua Smith
Ashley Brittany Smith
Julisa Soriano Soto
Renee  Stancil
Brenden Allen James Stanley
Allison Kate Stocks
Mia K. Stone
Chasidy Danielle Strickland
Christopher Clayton Strickland
Madison J. Strickland
Rosalinda Leeichelle Strickland
MaKalai Lynn Sweat
Amanda Jolly Taylor
Amanda  Taylor-Buie
Judith Guadalupe Tolentino
Samuel  Torres
Eustolia  Trejo
Aalashia Cheyanne Turpin
Cristal Lyn Tyler
Edith  Ulloa-Gutierrez
Erica N. Voland
Regina Deanna Walters
Jazlyn Marie Washington
Talek Montel Watson
Charles Darren Wester
Caressa Ann Wilkins
Taylor Shipman Wilkins
Amena Michelle Williams
Ricky Oliver Williams
Sharon Denise Williams
Roger Gene Williams, Jr.
Joan A. Young
Savannah Dawn Young
Baniz Adnan Zangana


Associate of Arts Degree

Hannah E. Beasley
Santana Sabrina Bethea
Emily N. Brown
Brandie Jean Bryant
Bayleigh Grace Campbell
Nya Camry Carter
Tina Towanna Chavis
Rayla Menley Jean Craft
Jaimya Nevaeh Evans
Tyler Breanna Freeman
Mariah Grace Graham
MaCloye Michelle Hodge
Kenny R. Hunt
Alisha Renee Jacobs
Amanda Lee Jacobs
Brittany Lianne Jacobs
Cheyanne M. Jacobs
B. Ravon Jones
Tiffany Renee Lindsey
Alexandria Gabriele Locklear
Ashley Michelle Locklear
Chloe Alyssa Locklear
Kira Leigh Locklear
Christian Lucas McArthur
Joslyn Raine Mitchell
Jaiden Faith Morrisey
Reanna Alena Oxendine
Daisy Lynn Pearson
Linda Mary Phillips
Logan K. Quinn
Deandrea D. Revels
Jamnia Jasarela Robles Hernandez
Carmen Michaela Rodriguez
Aliyah Victoria Ross
Rachel Cummings Scott
Eduardo Daniel Solano Marquez
Tabitha Bell Wilkes
Stacy Madison Williams

Associate in General Education

Meah Jordan Wood


Associate of Science

Mariam Naji Ahmed
Sara N. Ahmed
Jayden Elijah Barnhill
Arielle Renae Ben
Grace A. Burnette
Jadelyn Danielle Caulder
Michael R.  Craig
Anareli  De La Luz Cruz
Michelle  Dominguez-Carrillo
Jimmy  Dong
Michael Grant Elliott
Diamonikk Esperon Ellison
Irving Alexis Garcia-Gomez
Peyton Asher Graham
Makayla Mae Griffin
Abigail J. Hammonds
Ethan Ryan Hammonds
Jadyn Brianna Hardin
Ana Laura Hernandez
Victoria  Hernandez Reyes
Jonathan Grayson Hunt
Kennedy LeAnn Hunt
Janiya Nakole Jeffries
Alex Giovanni Jimenez Cruz
Cierra Glenda Jones
Jayla Jewel Kegler
Ma’Kya O’Ryan Kerns
Somorah L. King
Braxton C. Kinlaw
Viviana  Lazaro Cortez
Alexis Michelle Locklear
Kevin Yair Mendoza Olan
Kayla Jade Oxendine
Joseph Colin Park
Olivia Rose Parnell
Leah Mckinley Paul
Jacoby Hilton Pevia
Amariana LaKye Sweat
Kaden Ryan Thompson
Jasury  Tolentino Luna
Adriana Irene Valenzuela
Saniya Lashay Vanderhall
Sherlyn  Villasana
Dannah Brooke West
Hailey Rae West
Kendra Cheyenne Williams
DaShauna Makiya Wilson


Olvin Diaz Aleman
Jamel  Alford
Nakiayla Hope Brayboy
Harley Madison Brixey
Jesus Ivan DeLaluz-Cruz
Christopher Lee Dial
Gabriel Alejandro Diaz Hau
Shylah Danielle Godwin
Chance L. Hunt
Christian Dakota Ray Hunt
Rebecca Delane Jones
Bessie Hailee Locklear-Kamaka
Maya Dawn Madrigal
Kimberly Danielle McMillan
Cheneice D. Milon
Moriah Faith Mitchell
Eduardo  Montero-Rodriguez
Dania R. Ortiz Velasquez
Quatilla D. Oxendine
Skyler Victoria Oxendine
Rosaicela  Parra Navarrete
Logan C. Pittman
Kewannie K. Primer
Ronald Lee Scott
Michael F. Small
Honesty Breanna Tyler
Jazlyn Marie Washington
Amena Michelle Williams


Adult High School
Riley Abbott
Grace Michelle Adams
Michael Baltazar-Chavez
Sanora Blue
Cierra Bryant
Joey Canady
London Chavis
Xiaoshan Chen
Andrea Cordoba-Solis
Nancy Cox
Madison Cummings
Tracy Davis
Cortney Dent
Alana Dixon
Bianca Ivonne Espinoza Ortiz
Amir Faison
Edwin Lemuel Reyes Falcon
Kristen Renae Frost
Marian Kaitlyn Gaines
Shay Ian Graham ll
Kylah Gray
Harley Victoria Grimsley
Matthew Hammonds
Christopher Hardin
Selena Harris
Dylan Hays
Kaylee Maria Hellickson
Leslye Denise Hernandez-Basilio
Teresa Hooker
Brandon Hunt
Caleb Lee Hunt
Kendrick Hunt
Isabel Ibarra-Bates
Joseph Jackson
Amari Jacobs
Ariana Jennings
Yovannca Jimenez
Brooklyn Paige Johnson
Shalonda Johnson
Latasha Jones
Landon Lamb
Alesia Legette
Theresa Lindstorm
Jason Locklear
Lacastta Locklear
Mickey Locklear ll
Nehemiah Locklear
Ethan Lowery
Misty Lowery
Valentine Anthony McIntosh
Destiny Brianna McMillan
Brenda McMillan-Taylor
Jesha McNeill
Serena McNeill
Donald Nowland
Gabriel Elizabeth Oxendine
Joshua Oxendine
Samuel Nathan Prince
Emanual Rayquan Reyes
Trinity Rice
Simone Rozier
Tiffany Sams
April Shelley
Karsheam Sonny Simpkins
Paris Simpson
Harmony Smith
Abigahil Sotelo Hernandez
Rykelme Stewart
Xavier Thompson
Aasia Velma Wilkinson
Nastassia Winston
Brianna Wright

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