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RCC Campus Community “Gets Mugged” over summer break

If you’ve been by the campus of Robeson Community College this summer chances are you’ve seen the signs and you’ve heard the tales.  

“There has been some mugging happening on campus,” wrote Samantha Oxendine, the RCC director of counseling and career services.

“I’ve been Mugged!” read signs posted all along workstations and doorways.

“You’ve Been Mugged!” reads a coffee cup left at the door of a staff member, filled with treats and goodies.

“We, Counseling & Career Services, wanted to share some “sunshine in a cup”, so we implemented “You’ve Been Mugged” across campus this summer to spread some cheer,” Oxendine stated. “This was a fun campaign and we have received positive feedback, to include a request to continue this initiative throughout the year.”

How does it work?

Random individuals receive a mug with treats from an anonymous colleague. Once an individual received their mug, they were to continue the trend by filling another mug with treats and anonymously leave the mug with a college who did not have the “I’ve been Mugged” poster.

Oxendine says that the mugging campaign didn’t just end at Robeson Community College but has spread.

“There have also been reports of this spreading to other campuses and organizations; look at what you all have started,” Oxendine wrote in an email to faculty and staff.

Oxendine says that “a simple token to remind someone they are being thought of can go a long way…Sometimes, this small token comes at the right moment.”

Over 50 employees at Robeson Community College reported getting mugged this summer, including RCC President Melissa Singler.