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RCC Achieves 100% Participation in Campus Fund Drive; President Throws Pizza Party

For the first time in the history of the institution, Robeson Community College has achieved 100% participation in the 2022 Employee Campus Fund Drive.

“This is absolutely incredible,” RCC President Melissa Singler said. “This is an amazing accomplishment for our college, the Campus Fund Drive is all about giving, and giving from the heart, and we are so appreciative of everything that our faculty and staff do to help Robeson Community College achieve its mission in providing a quality education for our students.”

The Campus Fund Drive is an internal fundraiser held at the college each year for employees. Employees generously give out of their own pockets to help students in need.

The participation rate for 2021 was 72%, making this a 38% increase in giving from the previous year. The campaign raised almost $40,000, money that will be used by the RCC Foundation as designated by donors to support students and provide scholarships.

“Our President, the Executive Team, and our Campus Fund Drive Team leaders worked tirelessly to promote the Foundation and encourage campus-wide giving to help our students and community,” stated Lisa Hunt, the assistant vice president of the RCC Foundation and Grants. “We want to thank everyone for their generosity and commitment to student success.”

To celebrate this major milestone in the history of the college, the President hosted a pizza party celebration for all employees on Wednesday in the student center. President Singler along with the RCC Foundation and members of the Executive Team could be seen serving pizza and dessert to faculty and staff. 

“The pizza party was a huge success, more than 100 employees showed up to enjoy pizza and dessert,” stated Singler. “It was a great opportunity, as President, to celebrate the good things that our employees have done.”  

Singler says that each gift makes an impact.

“Our employees are truly changing lives with each gift they give,” Singler stated. “RCC is filled with some of the most caring and most generous individuals. These donations from our employees will help to provide much needed scholarships and resources for our students. I want to thank everyone for all they did to help us achieve 100% participation in giving.”


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