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Radiography maintains running streak, 7 years with 100% first time pass rate

For the seventh year in a row, students in the Radiography Program at Robeson Community College have achieved a 100% first-time pass rate on the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) National Certification Exam. All nine students in the class of 2023 passed on the first attempt of the ARRT.

“None of our students want to be the first to break the streak,” said Candice Ward, the Radiography Program Director at RCC. “They don’t want to let me down; they want to continue the success of the program.”

In most health science programs, a seven-year streak with a 100% first-time pass rate is almost unheard of… So what’s the secret to Ward’s success?

“We have good policies in place for students,” stated Candice Ward, the Radiography Program Director at RCC. “Our application process is good and we have a provisional acceptance process that sets high expectations going into the program, so our students tend to meet those expectations. They know that if they put in the work, we will make sure they are prepared for the certification exam.”

Most of the 2023 graduates have found jobs in radiography; however, some are opting to continue their education in Computed Tomography, Radiation Therapy, or Mammography.

“We have one student going into Radiation Therapy school,” stated Ward. “We have another who has accepted a radiography position in Charlotte, which pays extremely well.”

Other students have found employment at UNC Health Southeastern, Southeastern Radiological Associates, Scotland Health Care, and Columbus Regional Healthcare System.

Ward stated, “Each of these facilities are clinical sites for the program, and this is why our partnerships with our clinical affiliates are so valuable. The students are virtually interviewing for future employment while they are completing their clinical rotations during the program.”

Ward says she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to continue the streak in the future, but that she will forever be confident in her students’ abilities.

“There’s always a possibility that it will come to an end,” Ward stated. “But I feel that we prepare our students well and we do all we can to ensure their success.”