Robeson Community College

Learning Lot (Drive-in Hotspot)

Starting Wednesday, March 25, 2020, The Learning Lot will be a place for you to access the internet from the comforts of your vehicle. If you don’t have internet access at home, or if you need to get away from distractions at home to work on your school work, this is the place for you!  The Learning Lot is located in the parking lot between buildings 3 and 14 (see map on this page).

Here are some things you need to know about using The Learning Lot:

  • The hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 8AM – 8PM and Friday -Saturday 8AM – 5PM.
  • The Learning Lot will be monitored by campus security.
  • Due to the current situation, all social distancing measures must be followed while on campus.
  • Students should have their RCC student ID with them.  This is to ensure RCC students have priority.  It is not a MUST to have your student ID but if the parking lot is full, we cannot ensure you will have priority without your ID.
  • Although campus is open, there are a limited number of staff on campus.  Therefore, please do not litter in the parking lot.
  • Current students will connect to the wireless network using their existing username and password.  Once you connect the first time, you will not be prompted for your username and password for 90 days.
  • Guests can connect to the wireless network by following the instructions in the links below:
Learning Lot Map
  Community News News