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Health Science programs hold pinning ceremonies

Robeson Community College celebrated its 2022 Health Science graduates with several pinning ceremonies to commemorate the accomplishments of its students.

Students from the radiography, respiratory therapy and associate degree nursing all held pinning ceremonies within the last week.

The associate degree nursing program had the largest graduating class in the history of the program with 48 students completing the program. The program also saw an increase in the number of paramedic to RN graduates and the class of 2022 was one of the most culturally diverse cohort of students enrolled. The program attracted first generation college students, military affiliated and veteran students, as well as Americans from Asia, the Middle East, as well as students of Hispanic and African descent.


Radiography Technology

  • Cody Brigman
  • Demeary Britt
  • Kaitlyn Conley
  • Salena Donahue
  • Chailee Jones
  • Lacy Mercer
  • Mariana Phillips
  • Roy Velazquez
  • Kayla Ward


Respiratory Therapy

  • Christian Hammonds
  • Tanya Locklear
  • Ila Locklear
  • Traven Monroe


Associate Degree Nursing

  • Shanice Adams
  • Melissa Alred
  • Tameka Bailey
  • Raeanna Baines
  • Riley Beck
  • William Boone
  • Corina Brown
  • Mary Brunais
  • John Carragher
  • Cassidy Carter
  • Krystal Clark
  • Madison Collins
  • Mahala Cummings
  • Logan Fields
  • Roberta Gozan
  • Marilynn Graham
  • Lauren Harris
  • Kaitlyne Hobbs
  • Cetera Hunt
  • Maya Hunt
  • Destiney Jacobs
  • Layla Jones
  • Lauren Lee
  • Alondra Levy-Hernandez
  • Mykela Lilly
  • Espadonsa Locklear
  • Jennifer Locklear
  • Megan Locklear
  • Jaylen Lowery
  • Brenner McLeod
  • Destinae McRae
  • Lashona Miller
  • Brandy Murphy
  • Constance Oxendine
  • Heather Oxendine
  • Amanda Plata
  • Taylor Ralston
  • Rasheedah Reid
  • Lyndsay Revels
  • Joseph Reyes
  • Kristin Rountree
  • Cynthia Stokes
  • Aaliyah Strickland
  • Shenan Thompson
  • Stephanie Todd
  • Kathryn Townsend
  • LaPorsha Williams
  • Bryanna Xayavong
  • Raynas Zangana