Robeson Community College


Why does the College need private funding?

The budget required by the College is only partially met by state allocations, and RCC is increasingly challenged to meet the fiscal needs of its critically needed educational and workforce training programs. These budget requirements include: providing student aid and scholarship programs; exceptional instruction; student support services to include tutoring and library services, media center, learning and writing centers; outcome assessment tracking; career assessments and certifications; faculty and staff professional development; technologically advanced classrooms and laboratories; cultural advancement, and facility improvements. Private charitable contributions made to RCC through the Foundation will enable the College to continue meeting its objectives of providing a comprehensive community-based educational program to the citizens of Robeson County and the surrounding area.


Why does RCC need a Foundation?

There are several reasons for the development of a Foundation to assist the College. Because of state restrictions on how community colleges may receive and disburse gifts, fund-raising is difficult, if not impossible, for the College. As a separate supporting non-profit, the Foundation can receive gifts of cash and investments from gifts of stocks, bonds, and real estate, which the College itself is prohibited from doing. The Foundation is a means through which to actively engage community leaders in its operation. A strong Board of Directors composed of prominent and supportive citizens not only opens doors to needed dollars, but can also help to inspire others with an appreciation for the goals and objectives of the College. The Foundation provides a way for the entire community, as well as the College’s alumni, students, and employees to ensure that prospective students have the opportunity to access an education or workforce training program leading to a career with a sustainable income.


What can the Foundation do for the College?

The Foundation solicits and receives gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations or any other sources. Such gifts may be directed specifically or may be given without restrictions to be used as determined by the Board of Directors.


Who is responsible for the Foundation’s operation?

The direct management of the Foundation is maintained by its Board of Directors, composed of business and professional leaders from the community and representatives of the College’s administration staff and Board of Trustees. RCC’s President, as well as members of the Robeson Community College Board of Trustees, serves as permanent Board members.

What is the relationship between the Foundation and the College?

Even though the Foundation is a separate, legal entity, it serves as a vessel for broadening the support for the College through the involvement of community citizens. It provides financial support through scholarships for students, aid to student programs, faculty professional development, emergency aid programs and various other programs and outreach projects.