Robeson Community College
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EMSI Burning Glass Study for Robeson Community College

According to data collected by Emsi Burning Glass, Robeson Community College generates a total economic impact of $96.8 million in total added income for the regional economy, equivalent to supporting 1,612 jobs. The study also finds that the total impact of RCC alumni is $71 million in added income, which is equivalent to supporting 1,044 jobs.


The Economic Value and Impact of the North Carolina Community College System

North Carolina’s institutions of higher education deliver a solid return on investment for their students and the state.  The North Carolina Community College System, University of North Carolina system, and the 36 independent colleges and universities in the state, together created $63.5 billion in added economic value during fiscal year 2012-13, according to a study conducted by Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI). 

The state’s community colleges are often cited for the cost savings they offer students and families, and the impact of these lower-cost educational and skill development programs are evident in the impact on alumni wages outlined in the study. Today, 40 percent of North Carolina wage earners have received education or training at a North Carolina community college during the last 10 years. The accumulated contribution of former students totaled $19.6 billion in added state income, according to the study, which is equivalent to creating more than 322,000 new jobs.