Robeson Community College

EMS Simulation with Helicopter Landing Planned for May 27 at RCC

Emergency Medical Science students at Robeson Community College will have an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on training on Thursday, May 27. Students will have a simulated wreck scene that they will be called to assist with. The simulation training will occur behind Building 18 starting at 9:00 a.m. A helicopter is scheduled to land during the training, dependent upon weather and availability, at 10:00 a.m. The helicopter will simulate transferring patient care, much like what could possibly happen in real life when dealing with traffic accidents.

“This is a part of our training for our paramedic students,” said Brad Lawson, an instructor for the paramedic program at RCC. “We try to enact as close to a real-life scenario for our students so they can be prepared when they enter the workforce.”

The college usually takes part in what is called “Trauma Rodeo” during the fall semester. Trauma Rodeo would encompass all health science programs at the college, working together in a multidisciplinary environment, alongside local agencies such as UNC Southeastern Hospital, law enforcement, and fire departments. However, that training had to be canceled last year due to COVID.

“So, we are doing this on a much smaller scale to expose students to as much of a realistic scenario as we can,” said Lawson. “The local rescue unit will come over to do extrication to help tie this into a realistic event. Our students will be performing patient care while the rescue unit cuts away from the car.”

Lawson says that this type of training helps to test student’s knowledge and give them the experience that they need, as they work to save lives.

“These students are getting ready to finish the program in July, so this is the perfect opportunity for them to put everything they have learned into practice. It all comes full circle.”

The EMS program at RCC is available in many different formats, with classes available during the day as well as at night. Depending on the format chosen, students can become a paramedic in as little as 6 months to 14 months. For more information on the program and to register, individuals are asked to contact Brad Lawson at or 910-272-3452.

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