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Divine Intervention leads RCC student Shannon Oxendine to study Massage Therapy

Call it fate, or call it divine intervention, but one random text message gave hope to Shannon Oxendine and sent her in pursuit of a new career.

“I was on my way to work and I received this text message from Robeson Community College,” Oxendine said. “It said ‘today was the last day to register for massage therapy.’”

“I don’t even know how my number got on the list,” Oxendine explained, as she had never expressed interest in massage therapy before. “I took it to be an epiphany from God.”

Oxendine told her boss about the text message and her boss immediately told her that she should enroll in the course. Oxendine works as a surgical technician at Mission Foot & Ankle Podiatry Clinic.

“My boss said becoming a massage therapist could be a good opportunity for the clinic, in helping our diabetic patients and for the overall wellness of those attending the clinic community,” Oxendine stated.

So, during her lunch break, she called about the class and learned it started at 6 p.m. that night. But she also learned that she was most likely eligible for a scholarship, and that it would pay for everything, including books, she just needed to complete the application.

“It was the second gift of the day,” Oxendine said. “It was like it all just landed in my lap… I told God, ‘Look I’m giving it to you,’ and it has ended up being perfect for me and right on time.”

“I was looking for a way to better myself, and because of this night class, I have a new mindset of where I can go at 41,” Oxendine said. “I felt like I was slowing down, like I was stuck, but now I feel like pieces of the puzzle are finally coming together, and massage therapy was a big part of the puzzle.”

During her time in the massage program, Oxendine says she has learned so much and is excited about what her future holds.

“I have learned so many different aspects of neuropathy,” Oxendine said. “It has also given me a broader, in-depth look into the podiatry world, mental abuse, stress, and depression… massage therapy has the potential to heal in many ways.”

She is also very grateful for the opportunity to chase after this venture.

“I don’t know who exactly to thank, but I thank RCC for allowing me to apply for the scholarship and the program, and I’m so thankful for that text message,” Oxendine stated.

“Our massage therapy class is small, but we are mighty. We are a family 3 days a week…I am thankful that I have had a chance to enjoy being a part of the RCC extended family,” Oxendine stated.

“I am very happy with the massage therapy program, I would love to see more people take advantage of what is offered at COMTech, the resources, and what is offered to students,” Oxendine said. “This is a great campus and a great college.”

Oxendine says she hopes to one day open a mobile massage that can be taken to events, hospitals, and doctor’s offices.

“That is going to be my future,” Oxendine said.

Oxendine says that without the scholarship, she could not have an opportunity to enroll in the course.

“I give God all the credit, He did all of this.”



Photo caption: Shannon Oxendine provided free chair massages during the First Fall Festival held at the COMTech campus on October 26, 2023, saying, “It’s been a great community event and good exposure for the program… it’s great to be involved with daytime students.” Oxendine says many of the individuals she provided chair massages for had never received a massage before and not only were they thankful, but she was thankful as well. “I’m so grateful for RCC in allowing people from all walks of life to attend this event. It has been a blessing in many ways.”



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