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Diversity, accessibility and inclusion celebrated at Robeson Community College

RCC celebrated diversity, accessibility and inclusion this week with competitions, a relay race, blackout poetry, a movie, free chair massages and other fun activities. 

“I thought this would be an ideal event to bring attention and awareness to this unique student population and how they contribute to campus with their talents,” stated Susan Moore, who organized the weeklong activities. “We are all different but wonderful human beings that contribute to the college population.”

The competitions that were included ranged from welding, a relay race involving nursing students, a chalk art competition between two English classes, and a gaming competition which was held in the student center.

“I enjoyed all of it, but Thursday was my favorite day with the free chair massages from the COMTech Massage class,” stated Moore.

Thursday was also the day the college held its chalk art competition, which Moore says “drew a big gathering.”

“It was good to see the students and staff having fun at the chalk art competition… with other spectators watching.”

Moore, who serves as a counselor and the disabilities coordinator, says this was the first year that Robeson Community College has highlighted diversity, accessibility and inclusion, and wanted an opportunity to showcase the skills of students with disabilities. 

“We are constantly receiving training on equity and inclusion,” Moore stated as she looked for ways to implement the training she received across campus. “It is very hard to gauge what a student will take away from this experience, but my hope is that more students feel included, appreciated, and a part of the RCC Community.”

Winners of the competitions:




  • 1st Place – Raul Cardenas (train)

  • 2nd Place – Alex Gonzales (house)

  • 3rd Place – Breaen Hill (log)



Relay Race

  • Molina Gilliam

  • Chelse Hunt

  • Nakesha Hunt

  • Caitlin Hammonds

  • Ashley Hammitt

  • Lily Hernandez



Chalk Art Competition

The competition was declared a tie between Wendy Fields and Sherry Lofton’s class. 

Gaming Competition

  • 1st Place – Bryan Arellano

  • 2nd Place Erik Ansin

  • 3rd Place – Jamie Zarco



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