Robeson Community College

Printing @ the Library

The Anne Moss-Biggs Library has two printers: 

  • Black and white: 444A_B&W_5955i (Curriculum & CCP Students Only)
  • Color: 444A_COLOR_W7855 (Everyone; Coin-Operated)

Printing Fees:

  • Black and white: 10¢ per side
  • Color: 25¢ per side 

Printing to the 444A_B&W_5855i black-and-white printer:

RCC utilizes a print management system, called PaperCut, that allows the College to better manage its print resources on campus. At the start of the fall and spring semesters, the College will issue a $15.00 allotment into each student’s PaperCut account; $10 will be deposited at the start of the summer semester for students taking classes. Thereafter, students will be able to add funds to their PaperCut accounts.  There are two ways to add monies to PaperCut accounts, via cash payments to the Cashier in Building 2, or by using a debit/credit card on the PaperCut platform.

  • Only enrolled RCC curriculum students can print to the black-and-white printer.
  • Users will be charged for two copies, if they choose double-sided printing.
  • Print jobs are sent to a hold queue on the 444A_B&W_5955i printer until students release their jobs for printing. 
  • Monies can be added to PaperCut accounts at the RCC Business Office (Building 2) from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. 
  • If PaperCut allotments go unused, they will disappear at the end of the semester and will not transfer to the next semester. 
  • Monies which students have added to their PaperCut accounts, and which have not been used by the end of the semester, will carry over to the following semester.
  • If a PaperCut printing issue occurs at the Anne Moss-Biggs Library, students should tell the library staff, or email them at
  • Curriculum students may also contact the I.T. Help Desk (272-3566 or for assistance with issues related to printing elsewhere on campus.
  • If necessary, and after reviewing each situation and making a case-by-case determination, the help desk technicians or the library director can make adjustments to a student’s PaperCut account. 
  • No cash refunds will be issued for any reason.

Printing to the 444A_COLOR_W7855 printer:

  • All patrons can make color prints/copies using the 444A_COLOR_W7855 color printer, which requires cash/coins.
  • The coin-operated machine accepts coins (no pennies) and bills up to $5.00. 
  • When sending jobs to the color printer (444A_COLOR_W7855), users must choose whether they wish to make black-and-white copies (10¢) or color copies (25¢).
  • Print jobs are sent to a hold queue on the 444A_COLOR_W7855 printer until sufficient funds are placed into the coin-op.  
  • Patrons who wish to, may delete their print jobs from the hold queue.
  • Users will be charged for two copies, if they choose double-sided printing.