Robeson Community College
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Completely Online 8-week classes at RCC

8-week completely online classes start October 12 

ACA-111-MO2 College Student Success
ACA-111-MO4 College Student Success
ACA-122-MO2 College Transfer Success
ACC-140-MO2 Payroll Accounting
ART-111-MO2 Art Appreciation
BUS-110-MO2 Introduction to Business
BUS-110-MO4 Introduction to Business
CIS-110-MO2 Introduction to Computers
CJC-212-MO2 Ethics & Comm Relations
CJC-214-MO2 Victimology
CJC-221-MO2 Investigative Principles
CTS-115-MO2 Info Sys Business Concepts
EDU-262-MO2 Early Childhood Admin II
EMS-235-MO2 EMS Management
ENG-002-MO2 Transition English
ENG-111-MO2 Writing and Inquiry
ENG-112-MO2 Writing/Research in the Disc
HIS-111-MO2 World Civilizations I
HSC-110-MO2 Orientation to Health Careers
HSC-110-MO4 Orientation to Health Careers
MAT-003-MO2 Transition Math
MAT-143-MO2 Quantitative Literacy
MED-120-MO2 Survey of Med Terminology
MED-120-MO4 Survey of Med Terminology
MUS-110-MO2 Music Appreciation
OST-136-MO2 Word Processing
OST-142-MO2 Med Office Terms II
PED-110-MO2 Fit and Well for Life
PED-120-MO2 Walking for Fitness
PSY-241-MO2 Developmental Psych
SPA-112-MO2 Elementary Spanish II